A Half-Day Training Workshop for Writers of Book on Al-Wasatiyyah

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A Half-Day Training Workshop for Writers of Book on Al-Wasatiyyah

Project:         Writing a Book on Al-Wasatiyyah in Academic Disciplines

Task:             To Conduct A Training Workshop for Writers from All Kulliyyahs

Organizer:     Centre for Islamisation (CENTRIS)

Date:              April 8, 2014 (Tuesday), From 9am to 1.00p.m

Venue:           Conference Room, Office of Deputy Rector Student Affairs



Since 2012, IIUM in collaboration with Leadership Academy, Ministry of Education (AKEPT), has undertaken a number of projects on al-Wasatiyyah. AKEPT provided financial support and IIUM planned and developed appropriate projects, programmes and initiative to enhance al-Wasatiyyah idea and implement it especially for IIUM community at its initial stage. Three entities in IIUM namely ISTAC, CENTRIS and International Institute of Wasatiyyah represent the University in this collaboration.

One of the projects stated in the Wasatiyyah roadmap, which was developed after a workshop at Bukit Tinggi in 2013, is to produce a book containing chapters related to different academic disciplines but to be based on the concept and principles of al-wasatiyyah. This book is hoped to further benefit not only IIUM community but also the academic communities of other higher learning institutions in Malaysia.

In the process of  writing the book, the writers can generate the initial ideas about al-wasatiyyah among others from the two works produced earlier as part of this initiative namely The Need To Understand Al-Wasatiyyah As Part of IIUM's Mission of Islamisation by Muhammad Kamal Hasan and Islamic Moderation Renewal (Wasatiyyah-Tajdid), tr. by Yusuf al-Qaradawi.



  • To train potential writers from various Kulliyyahs on how to write a chapter of book on specific academic discipline based on al-wasatiyyah concept and principles



  • Since al-wasatiyyah is one of the characteristics of Islamic religion, it is important that this concept is also elaborated in relation to different academic disciplines taught at IIUM and other HLIs.

  • IIUM should lead and spearhead the realisation of the concept of al-Wasatiyyah in Malaysian HLIs by producing relevant publications.

  • For such a book to be produced there is a need to train the writers on how to write book chapter.