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  As a university student, we will encounter few situation which requires us to deal with the lecturer and administration staff.Hence, it is important to note that life as a university student does not only confine to 'getting things done' but rather the university life shall prepares its graduate on how to deal with the real working life in the future which require many human interaction and communication.Therefore, Mahallah Sumayyah had launched 'Kempen Adab' as to create awareness on the importance of manners among student in IIUM. The campaign aim to promote healthy way of communication with the administrative staff and lectures, observing our dress code and others. 


Pursuant to the Kuala Lumpur Book Capital, Mahallah Sumayyah had launched a reading campaign as to inculcate the awareness on the importance of reading among the residents. Two of our MRC, Sr Nadzrah and Sr Ras Firzaa together with our Principal had went to the National Library to read some books to the children at the Children Library.The reading campaign was further launched at Mahallah Sumayyah's visitors lounge where the fellows had created a reading corner for the students and visitors who used the lounge.It is our hope that this campaign will continue and become part and parcel of the resident's daily life.