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Department of Economics and Management Sciences





The Department of Economics and Management Sciences (DENMS) is one of the art-based departments in the Centre for Foundation Studies IIUM. The department was among the first academic departments established when the IIUM Matriculation Centre started its operation at Subang Jaya Campus in 1987.  

The department offers the Foundation of Economics and Management Sciences (ECONS). The duration of studies is one year. ECONS program will allow students to further their studies into various first degree programs offered at the Kulliyyah of Economics and Management Sciences (KENMS).  

There are 17 staff in the department which consists of 16 academic and 1 administrative staff. The academic staff are from various fields such as accounting, mathematics, statistics, economics and business studies. Although they are specialised in their subject field but many of the academic staff are able to teach multi-courses offered by the department. Apart from teaching, some of the staff are actively involved in the various students’ activities by becoming advisors to students’ society, fellows and principal of the Mahallah.  

The department is located at al-Khalil building, CFS IIUM Gambang.



To provide the students with fundamental knowledge and skills required by the undergraduate studies at the Kulliyyah of Economics and Management Sciences IIUM Gombak.


There are six courses offered by DENMS:  

  • EMS0214 Mathematics
    This course covers topics on algebra, mathematical functions, derivatives and anti-derivatives (integration). The course also introduces real-life applications of the topics taught. In general, this course exposes students to calculus, which has many applications in business and economics.
  • EMS0224 Economics
  • This course exposes students to basic concepts of economics. The first part deals with basic concepts in microeconomics such as the basic economics problem of scarcity and choice, market operations, cost of production and firms’ behaviour in competitive market. The second part of the course covers basic concepts in macroeconomics by focusing on the macroeconomics instability such as unemployment and inflation, national income accounting, national income equilibrium determination as well as the role of fiscal policy in dealing with economics instability.

  • EMS0234 Statistics
  • This course introduces students to general ideas of statistics. The first part covers topics in descriptive statistics: types of statistics, data and data collection, methods of summarizing, describing, presenting and analysing data. The second part covers topics in probability: sets, counting techniques, basic probability concepts, conditional probability, independence, discrete and continuous probability distributions, expected value and variance, binomial, Poisson and normal distributions.

  • EMS0244 Accounting I
  • This course is an introductory accounting course for foundation students. The course covers bookkeeping, accounting concepts, and preparation of financial statements with year-end adjustments.

  • EMS0254 Accounting II
  • This course exposes students to different types of accounts and financial statements based on the nature of the economic activities performed by different types of economic entities.  The syllabus covers incomplete record for trading business, club and societies, partnerships, and limited companies. Students will also be introduced to managerial accounting, cost-volume profit analysis and budgeting techniques.

  • EMS0264 Business Studies
  • This course introduces students to the nature, role, structure, function, processes and operations of a business. Some Islamic aspects of business management are discussed in this course. Students are exposed to various aspects of everyday business activities so that they will be better informed individuals either as consumers, or for future business venture in the field of their choice.