Inter-Cultural Dialogue Through Design Workshop (IDiDe2020)

Inter-Cultural Dialogue Through Design Workshop (IDiDe2020)

Start Date : 13 Jan 2020   End Date : 31 Jan 2020

Location : KAED, IIUM

Organizer : KAED, IIUM

iDiDe 2020

IDiDe or Intercultural Dialogue Through Design is a design workshop that engages with society to produce built environment solution through understanding the different cultures and worldviews. The annual IDiDe programme has been running for 10 years since its birth in 2010, with IIUM as partner and the first venue host.

The MOU with Deakin University had helped to nurture and sustain the running of the programme with IIUM making it as one of the elective courses for both undergraduate (AAR 2001)  and postgraduate programme (AAR 6001).  Initially open to architecture students only, the workshop has now opened to other built environment disciplines starting in January 2018 at Manipal, India. The purpose has expanded to embrace a social responsibility role that includes rural development and plight of the indigenous people of the various nationalities.

Come 2020, IIUM is chosen as the host again for this international student workshop where nationalities from India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand and possibly Vietnam are expected to participate. The workshop is scheduled on the 13th January until 31st January 2020.

The IDiDe2020 workshop will be led by Asst Prof Dr Noor Aziah Mohd Ariffin as the 3 times facilitator for IDiDe in Melbourne, Indonesia and Sri Lanka and assisted by the team members listed in the organisation section of the paper. The design project will be based on KAED, IIUM SDG flagship i.e. ‘Sen Oi’ - A One-Stop Centre for the Orang Asli Homestay Village.

iDiDe 2020 - Design Poster Competition

iDiDe 2020 - Poster Design Competition