Lau Zhe Wei
Assistant Professor

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I officially joined IIUM as Assistant Professor on October 2018. Prior to this, I was an Academic Trainee attached to IIUM, sponsored to pursue my PhD (Politics) in University of Bristol. Before furthering my PhD studies, I had teaching experience in a few private higher education institutions. Beside the courses that I had taught (as shown in another section), my main research areas include, but not limited to Malaysian politics, electoral studies, Malaysian Chinese studies and Hong Kong Politics. I was also a SUSI Scholar in year 2019, sponsored by the Department of State, United States. ... show more

  • PhD in Political Science - Doctor of Philosophy, University of Bristol
  • Social Science ~ Social Science ~ Political Sciences and Public Policy ~ Electoral Studies - Elections in Malaysia
  • Social Science ~ Social Science ~ Political Sciences and Public Policy ~ Electoral Studies - Hong Kong elections
  • Social Science ~ Social Science ~ Political Sciences and Public Policy ~ Malaysian Politics - Malaysian Politics
  • 2020 - 2020 ,
  • 2020 - 2020 ,
  • 2020 - 2020 ,
FINAL YEAR PROJECT I 2019/2020 2020/2021
FINAL YEAR PROJECT II 2019/2020 2020/2021
INTERNSHIP 2018/2019
INTRODUCTION TO POLITICAL SCIENCE 2018/2019 2019/2020 2020/2021
MALAYSIAN GOVERNMENT AND POLITICS 2018/2019 2019/2020 2020/2021
MALAYSIAN POLITICAL IDEAS & EXPERIENCE 2018/2019 2019/2020 2020/2021
RESEARCH PAPER I 2019/2020 2020/2021
In Progress
2020 - Present Perspectives of Malaysians towards the Socioeconomic Wellbeing and Political Stability in Malaysia
2020 - Present Research Component for APPGM-SDG 2020
2020 - Present Perspectives of Malaysians towards the Socioeconomic Wellbeing and Political Stability in Malaysia
Unknown - Present Understanding the needs and expectations of SMEs post-Covid-19
2019 - 2019 Socio-Political Sentiments of Non Malays in Johor
08 July 2019 Study of U.S. Institute (SUSI for Scholar 2019). Department of States, United States - International level.
2021 资深政治人物应该考虑退休 = Veteran politicians should consider to retire. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column) , 7th January 2021
2021 慕尤丁政府垮台了吗? = Has Muhyiddin's Government collapsed?. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column) , 14th January 2021
2021 “法庭派”仍然获得巫统内部支持 ="Court Cluster" is still commanding UMNO's internal support. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column) , 21st January 2021
2021 处理冠病和经济问题的两种主要方案 = Two main methods in handling pandemic and economy problems. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column) , 28th January 2021
2020 马哈迪斗士党:叫土团党太沉重 = Mahathir's Pejuang party: PPBM in a tougher situation. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column)
2020 斗士党在马来西亚政治版图的方向 =The position of Pejuang in Malaysian political landscape. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column) pp.1-4
2020 新冠肺炎不认部长 = Covid-19 does not differentiate minister. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column) pp.1-4
2020 土团党开放给非土著 是生路还是死路一条? = Opening its membership to non-Bumiputera: a way of life or a dead end?. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column) pp.1-4
2020 关闭多源流学校:站不住脚的政治巧言善辩 =Abolishing vernacular schools: political rhetoric that doesn't stand. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column) pp.1-4
2020 反跳巢法只是次要 = Anti-party hopping law is secondary. The Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column) , 30th April 2020
2020 土团巫统谈妥了:我错了 = PPBM & UMNO have compromised: I have mistaken. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column) , 9th July 2020
2020 中立的国会议长:可能吗?= A neutral speaker: is that possible?. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column) , 16th July 2020
2020 统考,无休止的问题= UEC: A no-ending issue. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column) , 23rd July 2020
2020 杀鸡焉用牛刀?政党名单制遏制议员跳槽 = Party-list to curb party-hopping akin to shooting butterflies with rifles. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column) , 30th July 2020
2020 巫统不加入国盟?国盟与全民和谐之别 = UMNO refused to join PN; difference between PN and MN. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column) , 6th August 2020
2020 马来西亚的立法改革 = Legislative reforms for Malaysia. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column) , 31st December 2020
2020 有条件行管令:太仓促了 = Conditional movement control order: too hasty. 透视大马专栏 (Malaysian Insight (Chinese) Column) , 7th May 2020
2020 我们在跟疫情拼,你们在为权力拼 = We are fighting against the pandemic, you are fighting for your power. 透视大马专栏 (Malaysian Insight (Chinese) Column) , 14th May 2020
2020 民政党复兴之路 = Gerakan's road to revival. 透视大马专栏 (Malaysian Insight (Chinese) Column)
2020 土团党有可能与巫统合并或回归巫统吗? = Is it possible for PPBM to merge with UMNO or to return to UMNO?. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column) , 4th June 2020
2020 酒精与复苏限行令:更右翼公共政策 = Alcohol and recovery Movement Control Order: a more right-wing public policy. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column) , 11th June 2020 pp.1-4
2020 土团党在大选后的生存能力 = Survivability of PPBM post-general election. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column) , 18th June 2020 pp.1-4
2020 “马无配”正副相位 = Mahathir-nobody" as Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister pairing. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column) , 25 June 2020
2020 马来西亚政党联盟之道 = Coalition party in Malaysia. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column) , 2nd July 2020 pp.1-4
2020 阿兹敏只能受委最高理事 = Azmin Ali only being appointed as member of PPBM Supreme Council. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column) , 17th September 2020
2020 谁会成为首相?安华、姑里或…… (Who will be the Prime Minister? Anwar, Ku Li or...). Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column)
2020 解析巫伊土团,葫芦里卖什么药? ( Analysing UMNO, PAS and BERSATU ). Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column)
2020 关于1031直播,慕尤丁没告诉你的事实 ( Live on 1031: truth that Muhyiddin did not tell you).. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column)
2020 2021年财案:政府应学习相信人民的理财能力 = 2021 Budget: Government needs to learn to trust her people's financial management ability. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column) , 12th November 2020
2020 1118直播:慕尤丁再次没告诉你的事实 = Live on 1118: Again, truth that Muhyiddin did not tell you. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column) , 19th November 2020
2020 安华称掌握足够议员支持,可能吗?= Anwar claimed he has the majority, is that possible?. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column) , 24 September 2020
2020 第15届大选迫在眉睫? 言之过早 = Is 15th General Election coming soon? it is too early to say. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column) , 1 October 2020
2020 平民隔离防疫,为何政治人物做不到?=If citizens can undergo quarantine, why can't politicians do the same?. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column) , 8 October 2020
2020 雪隆布城CMCO——政客们,你们开心了吗? = Selangor, Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya under CMCO: politicians, are you happy?. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column) , 15 October 2020
2020 有条件行动限制令未达预期的完美 (Translated as Conditional Movement Control Order is not as perfect as expected). 透视大马专栏 (The Malaysian Insight (Chinese) Column) , 28th May 2020
2020 允许提取公积金第一户口:有用吗 = Allowing withdrawal from EPF Account 1: does it help?. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column) , 26th November 2020
2020 公积金提领换汤不换药:谁的责任?= Old wine in a new bottle for EPF withdrawal: whose fault?. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column) , 3rd December 2020
2020 霹雳政权搭配: 土团党才是关键 = Political alliance in Perak: PPBM is the key. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column) , 10th December 2020
2020 国盟国阵大联盟不会持续长久!= Grand coalition of PN-BN would not last long!. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column) , 17th December 2020
2020 希盟还能去哪里?= Where else PH can head to?. Malaysian Insight (Chinese Column) , 24th December 2020

Conference or Workshop Item

2020 Recent political developments in Malaysia. In: Webinar Series in Politics & Society - 4
2019 Introducing extradition law in Hong Kong : erupting the latent. In: International Conference On Religion, Governance And Sustainable Development (ICRGD2019)
2019 David vs Goliath: a lesson from Hong Kong district election. In: Talk Organised by Department of Political Science, Kulliyyah of Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Human Sciences, International Islamic University Malaysia For Public


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