Economics and Management Sciences Programmes

Economics and Management Sciences Programmes


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The objective of this Foundation Programme is to prepare candidates for admission into various first degree programmes offered at the Kulliyyah of Economics and Management Sciences (KENMS).  The duration of the program is one year, which consists of two normal semesters and one short semester. Students are required to complete the following courses for graduation.

Courses in Economics and Management Sciences Programmes 


*Subject to the English Placement Test. 

When Kulliyyah Language Requirement is met (EPT Writing, Reading, Speaking Band 5.5 and Overall Band 6), students are exempted from English Language Proficiency Courses.

**Subject to the Arabic Placement Test.

Economics students are required to complete all the core courses listed above, together with the university required courses and the centre required courses. In addition, students are also required to fulfil their language requirement before graduating from the centre. The total credit for the program (exclude languages) is 44.

In addition, DQS also offer QSA0294 Business Studies course to other arts programs.

Each of the courses above worth 4 credits and both are under the category of Centre Required Courses.

Admission Requirements to Degree Programmes

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