Doctor of Philosophy (Library and Information Science)

Doctor of Philosophy (Library and Information Science)


1. Program/MQR No.

Doctor of Philosophy (Library and Information Science) – Research
MQR Code: MQA/FA6587

Doctor of Philosophy (Library and Information Science) – Mixed Mode (Research and Coursework)
MQR Code: MQA/FA6586

2. Brief introduction

Doctor of Philosophy (Library and Information Science) is offered by the Department of Library and Information Science, KICT.

The Doctor of Philosophy (Library and Information Science) aims at fulfilling the demands of libraries and information industries for graduates who are able to create and interpret knowledge extending the forefront in information and knowledge management and also able to produce advanced pogrammes of a professional character with specified outcome. The programme covers a range of topics in information and knowledge management, including information retrieval, acquisition and processing.


Program Outcome

1. Knowledge – Create and interpret knowledge and extends the forefront technology in the field of Library and Information Sciences.
2. Practical Skills – Use and manipulate the relevant skills in Library and Information Sciences for professional and personal development of others.
3. Social skills and Responsibilities – Collaborate with others and apply knowledge to be socially responsible on the progress of the nation and the ummah at large.
4. Value, Attitudes and Professionalism – Committed to ethics, autonomy and professionalism in the workplace and everyday life and be accountable for work produced.
5. Communication, Leadership and Team Skills – Communicate effectively with people from diverse range of backgrounds, be able to disseminate ideas and findings in public forum and show leadership qualities and group work working spirit.
6. Problem Solving and Scientific Skills – Innovative in solving problems by applying knowledge in the areas of library and information sciences.
7. Information Management and Lifelong Learning Skills – Initiate and continue to conduct independent research to produce academic writings for the benefits of the Ummah.
8. Managerial and Entrepreneurial Skills – Apply advanced managerial and entrepreneurial skills in relevant fields.
9. Integration of Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Values – Use Islamic principles to analyze and evaluate ideas and theories in modern disciplines.


Career Opportunities

The Doctor of Philosophy (Library and Information Science) aims to strengthen the professionals knowledge and competencies needed for middle and higher level career in various libraries and resource centres in both public and corporate sectors which range from traditional library management courses to the application of technologies in the libraries and information services.

    •    Librarian
    •    Knowledge Manager/Director
    •    Information Scientist
    •    Document Manager
    •    Information Broker
    •    Indexer and Abstractor
    •    Web Content Developer
    •    Information Strategist
    •    Information Consultant
    •    Academician


Program Structure

i. Doctor of Philosophy (Library and Information Science) by Mixed mode
In the first semester, student is required to complete 2 Kulliyyah required courses: ICT Research Methods and Islamic Worldview on ICT and Society. Students are required to complete four (4) Department core courses (12 credits): Statistic for Library and Information Professionals, Survey Research Method in Library and Information Science, Quality Research Method in Library and Information Science, Seminar in Human Information Behavior or Seminar in Organization of Information Resources. Student has to register four (4) elective courses (12 credit hours). Students have to fulfill the 24 credit hours for coursework before registering for the Comprehensive Examination in order to proceed for their research work. Lastly, students have to complete a Dissertation.

1. Doctor of Philosophy(Library and Information Science) Mixed

ii. Doctor of Philosophy (Library and Information Science) by Research
A student pursuing a programme that requires research work component must prepare a comprehensive research proposal that would provide the outline of the research, the research methodology and major references before entering the programme.

In the first semester, a student is required to audit 2 Kulliyyah required courses: ICT Research Methods and Islamic Worldview on ICT and Society. Within six (6) months from the registration date, students are required to submit his/her research synopsis proposal, which need to be defended. Pre-requisites for the defence proposal are (1) to attend the PG seminar that will be held once every fortnight in the semester at least two times, and (2) Do a presentation in this seminar at least once. Upon approval, the student will continue his/her research. The final thesis needs to be submitted at the end of the study period. There will be at least two (2) examiners to evaluate the final thesis, one of whom must be from other than IIUM. The appointment of all examiners shall be recommended by the Kulliyyah Postgraduate Committee (KPGC) and endorsed by the University’s Senate. An oral defence of the thesis will be arranged once agreed by the examiners.

1. Doctor of Philosophy(Library of Information Science) by Research.

Areas of Research

Digital Libraries, Information Retrieval, Information Literacy Skills, Bibliometrics, Database Management, Design and Delivery of Information Services, Library Information System, Organization of Information, Staff Training, Bibliographic Control and Metadata, Indexing and Abstracting, User Behavior in ICT Use, Informatics, and Knowledge Management.


Duration of Study

This program is offered via full time and also part time mode. The full time programme would normally require three (3) years (6 semesters) study duration and the maximum duration allowed is six (6) years (12 semesters).

The part time programme would normally require six (6) years (12 semesters). The maximum period allowed for the completion of the program is eight (8) years (16 semesters).


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