Bachelor of Science in Applied Plant Sciences (Honours)

Bachelor of Science in Applied Plant Sciences (Honours)



Brief introduction

Program is specifically designed for students interested in areas related to natural products, plant genomics, plant breeding, plant biodiversity, soil science and plant biotechnology. Our main aim is to generate and nurture plant sciences graduates with Islamic values.


Program Outcome

To produce graduates with the following outcomes:

  • To produce a knowledgeable and professional applied plant science graduates with Islamic values to cater for various sectors related to plant for the nation and the whole Muslim Ummah.
  • Produce applied plant science graduates who are skillful in accordance with the university mission and vision.
  • Produce applied plant science graduates who are able to communicate effectively and possess quality leadership to lead in an organization.
  • Produce applied plant science graduates who are competent and able to optimize the use of science and technology in assessing, analyzing and managing problems related to plant.
  • Increase the number of applied plant science graduates for plant related sectors such as agriculture to fulfil the national and international demands.
  • Fulfil the government’s aspiration in enhancing plant based industries such as agriculture in particular food crops.
  • Provide a conducive and best environment for research and professional development of students.
  • Nurture continuous education to applied plant scientist.
  • Produce applied plant science graduates with ability to integrate faith, knowledge and good character in their lives in accordance with the vision and mission of the university and Islamic values.
  • Produce graduates with applied plant science knowledge in their endevour to pursue plant related postgraduate programmes.


Career Opportunities

A plethora of specialised career options are open to students who graduate with B.Sc (Applied plant science) degree. Applied plant science provides the background for a number of science- related careers such as: Plant and soil scientist/ Agronomist/ Farm and greenhouse manager/ Food scientist/ Biotechnologist/ Conservation scientist/ Propagation scientist/ Botanist/ Plant Geneticist/ Phytochemist
Other jobs where the degree will be useful include: Plant journalist/ Agricultural business/ Environmental engineer or scientist/ Lecturer/ Science teacher
Remember that many employers accept applications from graduates with any degree. Therefore the job opportunities are not just restricted to the job listed here.

Graduates can also pursue a higher education in the form of a Master's degree and PhD in field such as horticulture, entomology, plant pathology, plant genetics, plant biochemistry, plant biotechnology and more. These programs are usually research-based and provide graduates the necessary background to enter into plant science-related research and technical career positions in future


Program Structure

The department is required students to complete the core subject matter. It is essential for understanding the concepts, principles and methods that support the programme outcome. At the ends of second year, after experiencing the fundamentals of each discipline, students will nominate the concentration of subjects for further study.

The total credit hours for Bachelor of Science (Applied Plant Sciences) are 139.
The required courses include:

University Required Courses (20 Credit Hours)

MPU 3122K

Tamadun Islam dan Tamadun Asia (TITAS)


MPU 3112K

Hubungan Etnik


UNGS 2060K

Malay Virtues, Heritage and Malaysian Society


LM 1030K

Bahasa Melayu I untuk Pelajar Antarabangsa


LM 1031K

Bahasa Melayu II untuk Pelajar Antarabangsa


LM 1040K

Bahasa Melayu I untuk Pelajar Antarabangsa (Nusantara)


LM 1041K

Bahasa Melayu II untuk Pelajar Antarabangsa (Nusantara)


UNGS 2011K

Creative Thinking and Problem Solving


Usrah 1 (BUDI)


Usrah 2 (BUDI)

CCLM 2051K

Leadership and Management

CCFM 2052K

Family Management and Parenting


Skills Package 1

Skills Package 2

LE 4000K

English Academic Writing

TQ 1001K

Tilawah Al-Quran I


TQ 2001K

Tilawah Al-Quran II

LQ 1008K

Quranic Language I


LQ 2008K

Quranic Language II

UNGS 2080K

(UNGS 2050 + UNGS 2070)

Ethics and Fiqh of Contemporary Issues

UNGS 2090K

(UNGS 2030 + UNGS 2040)

Islamic Worldview, Knowledge & Civilization

CCCD 1621K

Usrah 3 (BUDI)

CCCD 1622K

Usrah 4 (BUDI)



Kulliyyah Required Courses (9 Credit Hours)

KOS 1110

Computers in Science

KOS 4112

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

MGT 2010K

Principles and Practices of Management

Department Required Courses (84 Credit Hours)

SAP 1113

General Chemistry

SAP 1123

Plant Biochemistry

SAP 1213

Principles of Plant Science

SAP 1223


SAP 1233

Plant Taxonomy

SAP 1243

Plant Anatomy

SAP 2113

Soil Science

SAP 2123

Plant Protection

SAP 2133

Plant Physiology

SAP 2143

Plant Tissue Culture

SAP 2213

Statistical Analysis and Experimental Design

SAP 2223

Plant Genetics

SAP 2233

Plant Nutrition

SAP 2243

Plant Propagation

SAP 2253

Herbs and Medicinal Plants

SAP 3113

Plant and Crop Modeling

SAP 3123

Plant Biotechnology

SAP 3133

Plant Breeding

SAP 3143

Seed Science

SAP 3153

Plant Natural Products

SAP 3193

Laboratory and Field Techniques in Plant Sciences

SAP 3293

Final Year Project 1

SAP 4191

Project Seminar

SAP 4195

Final Year Project 2

SAP 4196




Electives (21 Credit Hours)

Package I

SAP 3713

Biodiversity of Herbal and Medicinal Plants

Package II

SAP 3613

Plant Genomics

Package III

SAP 3513

Soil Management

SAP 3723


SAP 3623

Selection Methods in Plant Breeding

SAP 3523

Soil Microbiology

SAP 3733


SAP 3633

Quantitative Genetics in Plant Breeding

SAP 3533


SAP 3743

Production of Herbal and Medicinal Plants

SAP 3643

Plant Breeding Laboratory

SAP 3543

Soil and Plant Analysis

SAP 4753

Medicinal Plant Products

SAP 4663

Plant Evolution and Origin of Crop Species

SAP 4563

Plant-Microbe Interactions

SAP 4763

Herbs and Natural Supplements

SAP 4673

Breeding for Pest and Disease Resistance

SAP 4573

Soil Ecology

SAP 4773

Nutraceuticals and Cosmeceuticals

SAP 4683

Plant Molecular Breeding

SAP 4583

Plant, Soil and Climate Change


Duration of Study

The course takes four years of full-time study to complete.


Student Affair

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