Bachelor of Science in Applied Chemistry (Honours)

Bachelor of Science in Applied Chemistry (Honours)


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 Bachelor of Science in Applied Chemistry (Honours)


Brief introduction

Bachelor of Science (Applied Chemistry) (Honours) offers several new applied chemistry courses in order to cater industrial demands. Students will learn a basic chemistry courses in the first and second year, and in the concentration year, students can choose either Halal/Haram chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry or OSHA. Halal/haram issue has become an important debate nowadays. There are billions of Muslims worldwide and the production of halal products will be a great demand in the next millennium. Safety issues, particularly in laboratories and chemical industries are important to avoid any occurrence of accidents at workplace. Meanwhile, in medicinal chemistry, students will be exposed to the chemistry of natural products and the development of drug from medicinal plants.


Program Outcome

To produce graduates with the following outcomes
  • Able to acquire and apply principles of chemistry.
  • Able to understand the chemistry-related concepts in relation to daily life
  • Able to conduct experiments and basic research in the field of chemical sciences through laboratory work, final year project and industrial training.
  • Able to familiarize and handle a few laboratory equipments and analytical methods.
  • Able to analyze and interpret laboratory data in chemical sciences.
  • Able to apply knowledge of the relevant principles and analytical techniques to identify, solve and analyse certain chemical problems.
  • Able to identify and solve chemistry-related problem through effective thinking skills
  • Able to relate knowledge learned in chemistry to relevant situations in life.
  • Able to deliver ideas in written form and/or through presentations and participations in various projects and activities;
  • Able to demonstrate good communication orally and/or in written form and organization skills
  • Able to interpret the laboratory data and communicate their research findings through a clear and accurate scientific reports.
  • Able to participate in various activities and demonstrate responsibility for the given tasks.
  • Able to work as an individual as well as in a team  to complete the tasks given.
  • Able to use knowledge gained for self-development and continuous improvement.
  • Able to find/seek and manage chemical sciences related information from many resources
  • Able to understand and demonstrate the ethical and professional responsibilities
  • Able to demonstrate good work ethics, imbued with Islamic moral-spiritual values and integrate the Islamic knowledge and values in the discipline to improve the quality of human life and Ummah as a whole.
  • Able to understand the basic knowledge or principles of managerial and entrepreneurship related to chemical sciences.
  • Able to identify and incorporate the knowledge learned into entrepreneurship opportunity in relation to chemical sciences.
  • Able to understand the basic theory of leadership.
  • Able to demonstrate leadership skills in completing the tasks given.


Career Opportunities

Bachelor of Science (applied Chemistry) (Honours) prepares you for work in the multi various industries such as petrochemical, pharmaceutical, industrial chemical,  food and beverage, palm oil derivatives, cosmetic, and  construction, agroindustry as well as in the business, management and financial sectors. In addition, based on the report provided by the TalentCorp 2017/2018, Chemist is no 12 in the critical occupational that needed.

Jobs directly related to the degree include:
Patent Chemist/ Cosmetic Chemist/ Food Chemist/ Pharmaceutical Chemist/ Scientist/ Research Officer/ Food Auditor/ Safety and Health Officer/ Oil and Gas Chemist/ Quality Control Executive/ Quality Assurance/ Lecturer/ Teacher.

Jobs where the degree would be useful include:
Production and QC Engineer/Environmental consultant/ Consultant/ Government Officer/ Police/ Army/ Biologist.

Remember that many employers accept applications from graduates with any degree subject, so don't restrict your thinking to the jobs listed here.


Program Structure

In order to obtain the degree of Bachelor of Science (Applied Chemistry). from IIUM, a student must successfully complete 134 Credit Hours (CH) of course work consisting of the University, Kulliyyah and Department requirements, as shown below

Table 1: Total Credit hour for Malaysia and International Students


Malaysian and International Students



University Courses



Kulliyyah Courses



Core Courses



Concentration Courses



Industrial Training/Internship



Final Year Project






Courses & Study Plan:   Download Here


Duration of Study

The course takes four years of full-time study to complete.


Student Affair

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