Bachelor of Biotechnology (Honours)

Bachelor of Biotechnology (Honours)


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Bachelor of Biotechnology (Hons)


Brief introduction

Biotechnology involves multiple discipline in which biological processes, organisms, cells or cellular components are exploited to develop new useful technologies in research, agriculture, industry and the clinic. Applications of biotechnology range from a simple screening of the useful compound to the production of tissues, drugs, synthetic hormones and enzymes. For example, the use of genetically-altered bacteria (or higher organisms) in the bioconversion of organic wastes, biofuels, treatment of oil spills or as bulk foodstuffs have been the main concerns of modern biotechnology. Biotechnology offered here focuses on four concentrations which are food, environmental and medical biotechnology where the students are able to choose any of these in the 3rd year of their studies. Therefore, our graduates will have the capability to understand and master the fundamental subjects related to biotechnology and apply those knowledge according to their own research interest in their final year of study.


Program Outcome

•    To demonstrate the comprehensive understanding of biotechnology and other the basic sciences that form the core principle underpinning main areas of biotechnology
•    To be able to apply the theoretical knowledge of biotechnology and obtain the basic laboratory skills relevant to biotechnology
•    To recognize the use of basic biotechnology equipment
•    To analyze, synthesize and integrate the knowledge of biotechnology and relevant biological science areas
•    Able to design (to a limited scale) and be able to conduct basic and simple guided experiment as the foundation to future research
•    Communicate and demonstrate interpersonal skills
•    Able to disseminate knowledge and information to general public concerning the importance of biotechnology.
•    To seek, adapt and provide solutions to address the challenges and concerns in biotechnology.
•    Able to manage and use biotechnology information as the foundation for self-development and continuous improvement.
•    Demonstrate an understanding and awareness of basic commercial, ethical, legal and social issues related to biotechnology
•    Able to integrate the knowledge of biotechnology with Islamic perspective for the benefit of the Ummah
•    Demonstrate an understanding of basic principles and entrepreneurship in biotechnology
•    Demonstrate leadership qualities and able to work in a team


Career Opportunities

Expected areas of graduate employment:

  • Food and fermentation related industries
  • Animal feed/formulation industries
  • Chemical, enzyme, detergent related industries
  • Solid waste and wastewater management and treatment
  • Health-related industries and organisations
  • Academic Research & Development Institutes related to health, agriculture, veterinary/fishery (IPTAs, MARDI, FRIM, PERHILITAN etc.)
  • Quality control departments
  • Diagnostic, forensic, environmental laboratories
  • Others including Human resource management
  • The appropriate or relevant jobs include as scientists, marketing executive, product specialist, quality analyst, researchers, science officers, consultants, management executives, supervisors and quality assurance officers, executive, forensic scientist and investigator officers.


Program Structure

The nature of this programme has been further enhanced with essence of Islamic virtue, the specialty of the international Islamic University Malaysia, making it all the more unique and appropriate to cater for the Islamic world. The Department of Biotechnology at the International Islamic University Malaysia, is active, rapidly expanding and exploring new frontiers with strong foundations in research and teaching. It is equipped with excellent academic staff running major research groups, paving the way to students to obtain the latest knowledge and securing well defined research areas. We have presently identified three areas of concentration namely Food Biotechnology, Environmental Biotechnology and Medical Biotechnology. We hope to make you a highly demanded scientist in scientific market. Our service to you is your service to the Ummah. We offer packages of concentration courses that complement the core curriculum and extend the students' choices within the Biotechnology area. There are 3 concentration areas, namely: Food, Environmental and Medical Biotechnology Graduates from the department, besides being skilled professionals, will be imbued with Islamic world view, perspective and values.


Duration of Study

The course takes four years of full-time study to complete.


Student Affair

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