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Office of The Campus Director, 

IIUM Kuantan Campus, 
Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, 
Bandar Indera Mahkota, 
25200 Kuantan, 
Pahang Darul Makmur, 

Phone:  +609-570 4000

Fax:  +609-571 6797

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Student Services

Student Services Department is located at ground floor, One Stop Student Centre. The department has been established to assist the student on welfare, financial assistance, sponsorship, scholarship, mahallah management, visa and pass. There are four sub-units under this department which are:

  1. Welfare and Financial Assistance Unit
  2. Sponsorship and Scholarship Unit
  3. Mahallah Management of Principal and Fellow Unit
  4. Visa & Pass Unit

Welfare and Financial Assistance Unit

Liaison office between IIUM Kuantan and IIUM Endowment Fund, Gombak for:

  1. Zakat Assistance.
  2. Khairat Assistance.
  3. Medical Claim.
  4. Mahabbah Food Programme.

Sponsorship and Scholarship Unit

  • To assist on the sponsorship, scholarship, or any others by any financial institutions.
  • Liaison office between students and financial institutions.

Mahallah Management of Principal and Fellow Unit

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Mahallah Fatimah Az Zahra

Mahallah Ummu Kalthum

Mahallah Khaled Al-Walid

Visa & Pass Unit

  • To assist the International students in renewing their visa and student pass through Education Malaysian Global Services (EMGS).
  • To assist the International students and their dependants in terms of renewal process of student pass and visa.


To ensure all matters related to student affairs are preserved and always committed in assisting them.


To establish a centre of managing student affairs and become the centre of reference to all matters related to functions of the department.


  • To assist the students on their difficulties in terms on financial assistance and other related needs, as well as their welfare.
  • To provide services for the International students in terms of processing renewal application for students pass and their dependents.
  • To become liaison office between the Financial Institutions and the students.


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Head of Department

                                                Zuhainy binti Mat Deris
Assistant Director (N41)
09-570 4074

Administrative Assistant

Shariza binti Ahmad
Administrative Assistant (N19)
09-570 4023

Aizie binti Nordin
Administrative Assistant (Part Time)
09-570 4000 ext. 3501

Mahallah Ummi Kalthum

Jarifah binti Aman
Assistant Administrative Officer (N32) 
09-573 0841

Mahallah Fatimah Az-Zahra

Mariya binti Abu Dahari
Assistant Administrative Officer (N29) 
09-573 0837

Services Offered to Students

1) Welfare and Financial Assistance

i) Zakat Assistance

  • Announcement on August and January every year.
  • Open for all needy students (fulltime).
  • Can apply only once per year.
  • MUST have CGPA/results from last semester/block system.

ii) Khairat Assistance

  • Death of IIUM student.
  • Death of parents/spouse/child.
  • Permanent disablement.
  • Victim of natural calamities and theft cases.
  • Financial assistance for poor and needy students.
  • Medical expenses.
  • Sick student (hospitalization).
  • Chronic illness.

iii) Medical Claim

  • IIUM Malaysian Students Group Personal Accident (GPA): 

           -  Accidents/sport injuries.

  • IIUM International Students:

           -  Group Personal Accident (GPA)-accident/sport injuries.

           -  Group Term Life (GTL) –death (sick).

           -  Group Hospital and Surgical (GHS)-hospitalized.

iv) Mahabbah Food Programme

  • Distributed for needy students.
  • Food outlet on IM campus only.
  • Food coupon can be collected at:       
  1. Office of Deputy Deans (Student Development and Community Engagement), all Kulliyyahs.
  2. Student Services Department (office hours ONLY).

v) Financial Assistance

1. IIUM Ummatic Assistance

  • Fulltime study.
  • 2nd semester and above.
  • Good academic standing (CGPA 3.6 and above).
  • Needy and deserving students (CGPA 3.4 and above).
  • No sponsorship.

2. IIUM Tuition Fees Reduction (UG Only)

  • Open for International Students (Allied Health Science, Nursing and Science only).

3. IIUM Tuition Fees Reduction (Malaysian Rate)

  • Open for International Students UG and PG from Palestine only.

4. Yayasan LTAT Scholarship

  • Open for excellence students.

2) Sponsorship and Scholarship


List of external sponsorship/scholarship bodies:

  • PTPTN (
  • JPA (
  • Yayasan Tunku Abdul Rahman
  • Statutory Bodies / State Governments
  • Private Agencies

* To apply a sponsorship/scholarship, a confirmation letter  for student with no scholarship from the university  is required. The  letter request form  can be downloaded at . 

* The letter will be ready within three days after submission to SSD.

3) Mahallah Management of Principal and Fellow

The Mahallah is lead by a Principal who is appointed to serve as the Chief Executive Officer responsible for handling all its affairs including administration, student's activities, maintenance, cleanliness, discipline and security. Fellows are appointed to assist students especially after office hours in matters regarding activities, discipline and welfare. The Principal is assisted by two full-time staffs and occasional part time staffs concentrate on daily running of the administrative, services and maintenance requests of Mahallah.

List of Hostel/Mahallah:

  • Mahallah Fatimah Az Zahra
  • Mahallah Ummu Kalthum
  • Mahallah Khaled Al-Walid

4 Person-Sharing Room:

  • The room accommodates four students in a compartmentalized unit. Although the four students are sharing a common door to the unit, each student is actually has his own private space/compartment for the sake of privacy.
  • Each compartment is provided with a single bed, study table and chair, cupboard, bookshelf or book rack.
  • Rental rate for IIUM students is RM 5.50/day/person.

Single Room:

  • Specifically catered for postgraduate students who are considered matured and require more privacy.
  • Undergraduate students may also apply if vacancies are available.
  • Rental rate for IIUM students is RM 11.00/day/person.

Among the common facilities provided are:

  • Convenience shop
  • Cafeteria
  • Photocopy shop
  • Mahallah Activity Centre 2 (MAC 2)
  • TV Room
  • Recreational room
  • Gymnasium
  • Sewing room
  • Mini library
  • Basketball court
  • Fitness station
  • Coin operated Laundry
  • On campus shuttle bus services
  • Wireless Internet (WiFi)

4) Visa and Pass

  • Students are required to submit application for visa renewal at least 3 MONTHS (working days) before the visa expiry date.
  • It is a responsibility of the student to monitor their visa expiry date and progress of their application through
  • Students are advised not to make any travel arrangements until their Student Pass extensions are completed and passports are returned.
  • Payment: EMGS (refer to country) or Immigration Office, Kuantan (RM 80).

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Student Services Department.
Wadi Budi (formerly known as One Stop Student Centre),
Office of the Campus Director,
IIUM Kuantan Campus,
Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, Bandar Indera Mahkota,
25200 Kuantan, Pahang Darul Makmur,

+609-570 4074

+609-571 6778

For general enquiries:
For student's pass applications: