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Mahallah Ummu Kalthum


Mahallah Ummu Kalthum is now the new name given to the Female Mahallah which was previously called Maimunah.  It was first relocated and operated on 27th October, 2014 and currently has 3 blocks that can accommodate about 1,000 students who come from various countries and cultures.  
The name Ummu Kalthum refers to the third daughter of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) from his first wife Khadijah bint Khuwaylid (may Allah be pleased with her).  Ummu Kalthum bint Muhammad (may Allah be pleased with her) was born in the best family, and she grew up to become a beautiful strong woman, just like her mother.  Ummu Kalthum was known to be very close to her elder sister, Ruqayyah (may Allah be pleased with her), the second daughter of Prophet Muhammad; so close that they were said to look alike; both married to the brothers from the same household (sons of Abu Lahab); and embraced Islam together on the same day.  
However their marriages to the two sons of Abu Lahab did not last long, and both Ummu Kalthum and Ruqayyah were divorced by their husbands.  Ummu Kalthum then lived with her beloved father and moved to Madinah during the Hijrah. Ruqayyah then re-married to one of the notable Sahabah (Companions), Uthman bin Affan (may Allah be pleased with him) but she passed away after a few years. After her passing, Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) asked Uthman to marry Ummu Kalthum and because of this, Uthman was given the title of Zun Nurain which means the owner of the two lights. 


The Mahallah is lead by a Principal who is appointed to serve as the Chief Executive Officer responsible for handling all its affairs including administration, student's activities, maintenance, cleanliness, discipline and security.

Fellows are appointed to assist students especially after office hours in matters regarding activities, discipline and welfare.

The Principal is assisted by two full-time staffs and occasional part time staffs concentrate on daily running of the administrative, services and maintenance requests of Mahallah.


Message from the Principal of Mahallah Ummu Kalthum

Asst. Prof. Dr. Intan Azura Shahdan

Mahallah (Arabic for place) Ummu Kalthum was opened in 2013 and is a university residential college owned and operated by the Development Division, IIUM. At the moment, our impact and functions are supported by 9 staff members including academic, science officer and administrative staff.

Ummu Kalthum provides accommodation for female students, both undergraduate and postgraduates alike.  At the moment, Ummu Kalthum does not have facilities to accommodate students with family.

Essential institutional aspects of life at Ummu Kalthum such as the spiritual support, sports, leisure activities and academic assistance are made available to all student residents in keeping with the mission of the Ummu Kalthum as a homely, convenient and relaxing university residential college. The students themselves play a vital role in organising social, sporting and cultural activities that add so much fun, variety, excitement and enrichment to life at Ummu Kalthum.

Our hope is that when students leave IIUM that they do so having been provided with all the possible support and opportunities to have enhanced their personal and academic experience, as well as their spiritual and leadership qualities, ensuring that the combined residential college and University experience is a memorable and meaningful one.


To facilitate development of students abilities through management of quality services and co-curricular activities.


A leading agency in contributing towards nurturing well-rounded personalities through excellent management of students' affairs and development. 


To provide accommodation to IIUM students that will not only serve as dormitory but will also:

  • Provide a conducive living environment to pursuit of academic excellence.
  • Foster unmatic links between students of different cultures and nationalities.
  • Develop a culture at the mahallah based on the university's mission of "Islamization, Internationalization, Intergration and Comprehensive Excellence  (Triple - Ice) Education Centre.
  • To provide an excellent, accessible, reliable and secure ICT infrastructure, facilities and services.


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Mahallah Office



                                                   Asst. Prof. Dr. Intan Azura Shahdan
Kulliyyah of Allied Health Sciences
09-573 0842/0841 (MUK)
09-570 4000 Ext 3423
09-573 0843 (FAX) 

Assistant Hostel Manager

Sr. Jarifah Binti Aman
Assistant Administrative Officer (N32)
09-573 0842/0841 (MUK) 

09-573 0843 (FAX) 

Administrative Assistant

Sr. Tuan Syazreen Awatif Binti Tuan Mohamad Nazi
Administrative Assistant (N19)
09-573 0842/0841 (MUK)  

09-573 0843 (FAX)

Sr. Fatin Effa Nadzirah Binti Mohd Jaffri
Administrative Assistant (N19) PT
09-573 0842/0841 (MUK)  
09-573 0843 (FAX)


Asst. Prof. Dr. Suhana Binti Mamat
Kulliyyah of Allied Health Sciences / Fellow Block F9-3 
09-570 4000 Ext 5263 

Sr. Asmawati Binti Che Ismail
Kulliyyah of Nursing / Fellow Block F10-3 
09-570 7212 

Sr. Nurul Ashikin Binti Abu Baker
Kulliyyah of Nursing / Fellow Block F10-3  
09-570 7204 

Asst. Prof. Dr. Siti Mariam Muda
Kulliyyah of Nursing / Fellow Block F11-3   
09-570 7283 

Sr. Nadia Binti Hzali
Kulliyyah of Nursing / Fellow Block F11-3    
09-570 7231 

Mahallah Ummu Kalthum Representative Committee (MRC)


                                                            Sr. Hajar Ar Rahmah Nasri
Kulliyyah of Dentistry
Matric No: 1510316

Vice President

Sr. Nur Nabila Izzaty Asmera
Kulliyyah of Nursing
Matric No: 1615398


Sr. Nurul Ain Nadia Md Amin
Kulliyyah of Medicine
Matric No: 1811924

Vice Treasurer

Sr. Asyura Talibe
Kulliyyah of Dentistry
Matric No: 1518102

Mahallah Ummu Kalthum Office (MO)

Principal and Fellows

Mahallah Ummu Kalthum's Staff


Top Mahallah Representative Committee (MRC)

Mahallah Representative Committee (MRC), MUK

Block Representative Committee (BRC), MUK


Mahallah Ummu Kalthum Office


Helpdesk Office Hours


Monday - Thursday

                                 8.00 am - 1.00 pm
2.00 pm - 5.00 pm


8.00 am - 12.15 pm
2.45 pm - 5.00 pm

Saturday & Sunday


Public Holiday


Residential Accommodation (Mahallah)

Block F9.3           Block F10.3          Block F11.3

Single RoomSharing Room


Specifically catered for postgraduate students who are considered matured and require more privacy. Undergraduate students may also apply if vacancies are available. Rental rate for IIUM students is RM 11.00/day/person.

The room accommodates four students in a compartmentalized unit. Although the four students are sharing a common door to the unit, each student is actually has his own private space/compartment for the sake of privacy. Each compartment is provided with a single bed, study table and chair, cupboard, bookshelf or bookrack. Rental rate for IIUM students is RM 5.50/day/person.

Facilities provided

Mini Library


Sewing Room



MRC Room

Photocopy Shop


Coin Operated Laundry

Convenience Shop

Guest Lounge

Mahallah Activity Centre

Shuttle Bus 

Basketball Court


TV Room

Usrah Room

MUK Fitness Zumba 2019 

"Stay Fit and Achieve That Body Goals"

5th April 2019, 12th April 2019 and 19th April 2019

5th April 2019                            12th April 2019                            19th April 2019

Tadabbur Alam: Hiking Expedition

13th April 2019, 20th April 2019, 21st April 2019 and 1st May 2019


Infaq Day 2019

"The All-Rounded Charity"

6th April 2019






Bowling Tournament: MUK Strike and Spares 2K19 

31st March 2019


Entrepreneurship Talk: Revival of Abdul Rahman Auf Legacy

30th March 2019


Mountain Climbing 101 Workshop

16th March 2019



Arts & Culture Fiesta (Back To The Old Times)

9th March 2019 until 16th March 2019


Healthy Breakfast: Eat Like Queens

February 2019 until April 2019


First Aid Workshop

24th February 2019


Baking Class 2019

23rd February 2019


Horse Riding 2019

17th February 2019


Haura' Week: Ciao Bella (Hello Beautiful)

4th February 2019 until 9th February 2019



MUK MRC Induction Course

4th February 2019 until 9th February 2019


Mahallah Ummu Kalthum.
International Islamic University Malaysia,
Kuantan Campus,
Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, Bandar Indera Mahkota,
25200 Kuantan, Pahang Darul Makmur,

+609-573 0841/0842

+609-573 0843


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