Head of One Stop Student Centre Office

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Office of the Campus Director, 

IIUM Kuantan Campus, 
Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, 
Bandar Indera Mahkota, 
25200 Kuantan, 
Pahang Darul Makmur, 

Phone:  +609-570 4000

Fax:  +609-571 6797

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Head of One Stop Student Centre Office

The Head Office plays the important role of assisting IIUM community towards their personal and professional development in accordance with the vision and mission of the IIUM and to provide facilities that meet the students’ and IIUM community needs. This office consists of three sub units as below:

  • Transportation Unit
  • Credited Co-Curricular Unit
  • Visa & Pass Unit

Transport Unit

The Transport Unit has been established to assist the student on transportation services. Our transportation is driven by qualified drivers who possess at least 5 years’ experience in driving bus/mini bus/van/MPV. Our main focus is to provide efficient, safe and comfortable transportation service to the University community. 

  • On Campus Shuttle Bus Services (Outsourced).
  • Transportation For Academic and Non-Academic Students Programmes.

Credited Co-Curricular Unit

The Credited Curricular Unit has introduced various modules and programmes for our students each semester. All courses and subjects are meant to develop student vision, personality and skills.

The courses are divided into three main packages; namely:

First Level Package (1st Year of Study)

• Second Level Package (2nd Year of Study)

• Third Level Package (3rd Year of Study)

Visa & Pass Unit

The Visa & Pass Unit has been established to provide services for the International students/Staff of IIUM Kuantan Campus.

The services available are:

  • Student Pass new/renew application
  • Student Dependant new/renew application
  • Employment Pass new/renew application
  • Employment Pass with dependant new/renew
  • Special/Cancellation/Change of Pass

Transport Unit


To ensure the transportation system are efficient, secure and satisfied.


To provide the best transportation services which is safe and reliable.


To provide an effective and efficient management and utilization of the vehicle usage and services.

Credited Co-curricular Unit


To facilitate a development of student’s abilities through a management of quality services and credited co-curricular activities.


A leading agency in contributing and nurturing well-rounded personalities through credited leadership and soft skills programmes.


To cultivate specific, identifiable skills that suits the needs and demands of the student.

• To offer course that is beneficial for the development of student’s personality.

• To give credit hours for the student’s co-curricular activities.

• To provide a platform (training ground) for the students to continuously develop their leadership skills and talents.

• To equip students with basic training skills that are required for every individual Muslim i.e the integration between Iman, ‘Ilm and ‘Amal.

Visa & Pass Unit


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Head of One Stop Student Centre

                Muhammad Noor bin Haji Ayob

Senior Assistant Director (N44)
09-570 4084


Transport Unit

Muhammad Faisal bin Mohd Said

Assistant Administrative Officer (N29)
Ext: 4079

Credited Co-Curricular Unit

Ainisyah binti Mat Saref

Administrative Assistant (Clerical/Operation) (N19)
Ext: 3498

Visa & Pas

Muhamad Sukri bin Sabirin

Administrative Assistant (Clerical/Operation) (N19) 
09-570 4083

Facilities provided in Transport Unit

No. of IIUM Kuantan Transport :

5 Buses (42 seats)

3 Vans (10 seats)

1 Van (9 seats)

1 Van (17 seats)

1 Toyota Innova

1 Toyota Unser

1 Proton Waja

1 Proton Inspira

1 Lorry 

List of Drivers :

1. Ahmad Fadhlyzal bin Wahid

2. Mahamad bin Saad

3. Mustaffa bin Jais

4. Mohd Khairuddin bin Yusof

5. Mazelan bin Othman

6. Suhaibi bin Awang

7. Mohd Saifful bin Ahmad Tarmizi

8. Sayuti bin Ishak

9. Mohd Nassim bin Ferdus

Head Office
One Stop Student Centre,
Office of the Campus Director,
IIUM Kuantan Campus,
Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, Bandar Indera Mahkota,
25200 Kuantan, Pahang Darul Makmur,

+609-570 4072 (General)

+609-570 4000, Ext: 3495 (Transport Unit)

+609-570 4000, Ext: 3498 (Credited Co-Curricular Unit)

+609-570 4083 (Visa & Pass Unit)

+609-571 6778

 (Transport unit) (Credited Co-Curricular Unit) (Visa & Pass Unit)