Welcome New Students to Kulliyyah of Engineering!

Welcome New Students to Kulliyyah of Engineering!

Date : 09 March 2021

Reported by : Nur Syuhada Atika Shahidan

Category : News


Kulliyyah of Engineering has received 77 new intake students to start their 4-year journey of engineering programs with us. The new cohort of students, who started their semester in Semester 2 2020/2021 will undergo a newly revised curriculum to meet the current demand in technology advancement and IR 4.0.

For the first time, Taaruf with new students was conducted mainly by the Kulliyyah of Engineering, handled by the Office of Deputy Dean Student Development & Community Engagement. The Kulliyyah’s Taaruf was started with Kulliyyah Briefing on 12/2/2021 where the students were welcomed by the Dean, Associate Professor Dr. Sany Izan Ihsan, followed by Associate Prof Dr. Maan Fahmi al-Katib (DDAIL) and Associate Professor Dr. Hasmah Mansor (DDSDCE). 

All new students successfully attended and participated actively in the five modules that were prepared by the Kulliyyah. All sessions were conducted online. ENGINIUS and Academic Advisors led the groups for the interactive group activities based on the concept of Khalifah, Amanah, Iqra’, and Rahmatan Lil Alamin (KHAIR). There were sessions with ENGINIUS (Slot 1 – Khalifah), sessions with Department (Slot 2 - Iqra’) and sessions in-group for Hero Kampung (Slot 3 & 4 – Amanah & Rahmatan Lil-Alamin) and IIUM Song Reflections (Slot 5 – IIUM MyHome).

Hero Kampung – The objective of this activity was to instill and apply a sense of responsibility. It was expected, at the end of the activity, the students would value honesty and self and social responsibility. The students were asked to walk around the neighborhood and observe. From the eyes of an engineer, they need to identify problems and propose solutions. In the next slot, the students presented their outcomes) individually or in the group. With this activity, we promoted to the students, the spirit of Rahmatan Lil Alamin

IIUM Song Reflections – The objective of this activity was to inbuilt the love towards IIUM, as their second home. The students were asked to listen to the IIUM song and do reflections (based on your understanding). During the last session of Taaruf, the students were asked to present to the group, their creativity in the form of writing /essay, sketches, video, poems, or any suitable creative expressions.

The students uploaded Hero Kampung outcomes and IIUM Song Reflections to the social media with hashtag #TaarufKOEHeroes / #IIUMSongalong with other hashtags  #iluvkoe, #KOETaaruf, #IIUMTaaruf2021, #IIUMmyhome

They shared the post with friends and family and the highest number of likes received certificates and RM100 cash prizes of each category.

Office of Deputy Dean Student Development would like to thank everyone who has involved in Taaruf @ KOE especially Academic Advisors, ENGINIUS, and student volunteers. Lastly, to all new students, enjoy your journey to seek knowledge because of Allah SWT at KOE, IIUM. May Allah bless your effort and ease our journey, inshaaAllah. Let’s start with bismillah…

Reported by Dr. Hasmah Mansor,

Deputy Dean Student Development & Community Engagement

Kulliyyah of Engineering