Wacana Siswa 4K (Kelas, Komunikasi, Kerjaya, Kahwin)

Wacana Siswa 4K (Kelas, Komunikasi, Kerjaya, Kahwin)

Date : 20 May 2019

Reported by : Mohamad Hazim Bin Selamat

Category : News


By Fatin Nabiha Binti Ilham 

 On April 25, 2019, students of Pragmatic and Discourse classes from the Department of Malay, Kulliyyah of Languages and Management (KLM), International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) Pagoh campus organized a Wacana Siswa 4K . The advisor for this program is Assistant Professor Dr. Arina Binti Johari and Sr. Nur Aziatul binti Khazizi is the program manager. The objective of this program was to expose students to the concept of 4K "Class (Kelas), Communication (Komunikasi), Career (Kerjaya), Marriage (Kahwin)" which became the phenomenon of the students nowadays. The program was attended by students of Edu Hub Pagoh; University Teknologi Malaysia, University Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia, International Islamic University Malaysia and Tun Syed Nasir Polytechnic.

Students of Edu Hub Pagoh

The Wacana Siswa 4K forum led by brother Akhmal Hakim, 3rd year student from International Islamic University Malaysia (UIAM) and Br. Fedtri Yahya and  Dai 'Amirah as the panels of this forum. Life sharing of 4K concept from the invited panels, as well as exposure to how to solve problems faced by students based on the 4K concept, is very helpful to students.

Fedtri Yahya and Dai 'Amirah with KLM lecturers

After the forum ended, the audience was presented with performances by Malaysian artist, Kucaimars. Overall, more than 300 participants attended the program and at last, this exploration succeeds in achieving the main objective of the program.