IIUM Pagoh: Celebrate the Ukhuwah, Uphold the Ummah

IIUM Pagoh: Celebrate the Ukhuwah, Uphold the Ummah

Date : 04 July 2019

Reported by : Mohamad Hazim Bin Selamat

Category : News


By Sarah Azila binti Mazilan

Kulliyyah of Languages and Management   (KLM) always welcome everyone to be part of it.Thus having an induction day is a must to celebrate every newcomers to the Kulliyyah, no matter what courses they are. Hence, the Students’ Society (KLMSS) under every office has organised an Induction Day 2019 to get to know each student more closer and create a greater bond with every soul in KLM. Not only that, students who went for an exchange students programme also get to share their experiences through a sharing session during the induction.

The Office of Arabic for International Communication (ARCOM), was the first to conduct the ARCOM Induction Day to celebrate the newcomers and also the seniors in one gathering on 1st March 2019. They also had invited the lecturers to come and join their ice-breaking session to strengthen the bond between the students and lecturers.

ARCOM Induction Day 2019

Next up was the Office of Tourism Planning and Hospitality Management (TPHM) which has conducted the same gathering called Teammates Taaruf & Gathering (TAG’19) on the 2nd of March 2019. The one-day event was filled with team building activities and sharing session by the seniors regarding internship and experiences as TPHM students. They believed that teamwork is the key to success that need to be highlight in the course. Through this event, it also helps the students to interact and communicate with each other better other than in-class participation.

Teammates Taaruf & Gathering (TAG’19)

Meanwhile, on 14th March 2019, the Office of Malay for International Communiation (MLCOM) has organised MLCOM Induction Day together with the students and lecturers. This gathering has gathered 120 students from MLCOM, They enjoyed the activities organised. 

MLCOM Induction Day 2019

Last but not least, the Office of English for International Communication (ENCOM) has also organised ENCOM Genesis 2019 on the 16th of March. There were a lot of fun and engaging activities throughout the event that help to loosen the gap between the newcomers and seniors of ENCOM.