Food Basket 6.0

Food Basket 6.0

Date : 05 June 2020

Reported by : Hasmah Mansor

Category : News


On behalf of BEAUTIFUL MUSLIMAH, KOE Female staff group, we would like to share with the Kulliyyah members that Ramadhan Food Basket has been delivered successfully to our general workers on Friday, 8 May 2020. Madam Shahrizad, our Deputy Director has kindly presented the Duit Raya and Ramadhan Gifts to 45 general workers.

Each general worker received RM100 Duit Raya with around RM60 worth Ramadhan Gifts. The general workers felt very much thankful to Kulliyyah of Engineering for the generosity and thoughts.

BEAUTIFUL MUSLIMAH would like to thank all generous contributors and the ladies behind the scene for the success of the event.  May Allah reward you success in this world and hereafter. Alhamdulillah...

Reported by

Assoc Prof Dr Hasmah Mansor

Deputy Dean (Student Development & Community Engagement)

For Beautiful Muslimah of KOE