Congrats on securing FRGS Phase 1 2019 grants.

Congrats on securing FRGS Phase 1 2019 grants.

Date : 28 August 2019

Reported by : Izzuddin

Category : News


Researcher: Mohd Yusof Bin Mohamad 

Project title: Evaluation of Novel Fish-Derived Collagen/Chitosan Membrane Loaded with Metronidazole Nanoparticle As Guided Bone Regeneration for Periodontal Regeneration.              

Amount: RM148,000


Researcher: Nor Azrita Mohamed Zain   

Project title: Parental communicative behaviors and their effects on language and intervention of Malay-speaking children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). 

Amount: RM158,560


Researcher: Mohd. Zulfaezal Bin Che Azemin      

Project title: Analysis and Design of Unsupervised Federated Intelligence for Early Lung Cancer Screening

Amount: RM103,800


Researcher: Mohd Radzi Hilmi   

Project title: Cellular behaviour and cornea stromal response as a clinical predictor of visual performance after excimer laser refractive surgery      

Amount: RM119,800


Researcher: Izzuddin Bin Ahmad@Haji Ahmad Nadzirin  

Project title: Identification of new inhibitor of Protein Arginine Deiminase 4 (PAD4) by consensus docking and biological assay 

Amount: RM104,964