ACL Software Training for IPTAs Internal Auditor

ACL Software Training for IPTAs Internal Auditor

Date : 26 May 2013

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Computer-Assisted Audit Tool & Techniques (CAATTs) Training on ACL Software Training for IPTAs Internal Auditor was held at Quality Hotel City Centre Kuala Lumpur from 26th to 29th May 2013. The training was organized by Jawatankuasa Latihan Audit Dalam IPTA of which the objective of this training was to expose IPTAs internal auditors on the functions of ACL software as a tool to be used in their auditing exercises.

The trainer for the training was Madam Naaimah Ahmad Radzi who is the Director from IIUM, Office of Internal Audit. Her composed experiences on ACL were shared to all participants during the training. She had previously conducted numerous successful reviews, process improvement and enhancement of regional audit projects in various countries including Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, Brunei and Singapore since 2003. She was also one of the few selected to work with Group Auditors from Germany and China on a special audit assignment with a Germany-based corporation in Malaysia.

During the training, participants of the course were trained and exposed to the ACL in ways of how ACL can be useful in performing audit analysis. The participants were not only exposed on the basic introductory analysis, but also on exploring other advance functions provided by ACL of which, it can be used for conducting critical analysis as well.

The training was done based on interactive mode as participants were divided into groups and were given different tasks to be completed. The completed tasks were then being presented to other participant of the training and the best three groups will be rewarded with prizes.

Based from feedback received from participants, substantial benefits were gained on new skill exposed to them of which will be very beneficial for towards their audit.

Last but not least, we would like to congratulate the trainer, participants and staff from OIA in making this training into a successful event.