Hassanuddeen B. Abd. Aziz

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Staff Detail

  • Ph.D in Economics - Doctor of Philosophy, University of Illinois
  • M.B.A. - Masters Degree, University of Rochester, Rochester
  • Economy (Hons) - Bachelor Degree, Universiti Malaya (UM)
  • 2019 - -1 , Dundee
  • 2018 - -1 , Emerald
  • 2019 - -1 , Emerald
  • 2020 - -1 , JECD
FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT II 2018/2019 2019/2020
In Progress
2019 - Present Innovative Financing for Sustainable Development Goals
2019 - 2020 Innovative Financing for Sustainable Development Goals
2010 - -1 Total Quality Model for IIFS
2009 - 2009 Academic Performance Measurement : A Professional Development Programme for Faculty of Arts and Humanities King Abdul Aziz University, Jeddah Saudi Arabia
2009 - 2009 Academic Assessment with Tabuk University
2006 - 2017 The Predictive Power of the Term Structure of Interest Rates
26 November 2020 Emerald Literati Awards. Emerald Insights - International level.
2020 The personification of hospitality (Ḍiyāfah) in community development and its influence on social solidarity (Takāful Ijtimāʿī) through the eyes of the Prophetic Tradition (Sunnah). Al-Shajarah: Journal of The International Institute of Islamic Thought and Civilization (ISTAC) , xx (xx) pp.1-18
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Conference or Workshop Item

2020 The role of Universities in the development of Islamic economics in Malaysia. In: Studium Generale: Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis Islam, Universitas Islam Negeri Antasari
2020 The economic impact of COVID 19 on the combat sports and martial arts. In: 9th International Martial Arts and Combat Sports Scientific Society (IMACSSS) Conference & 2nd Global Scientific Martial Arts and Cultural Congress (GSMACC) 2020, Putrajaya, Malaysi
2020 University’s role in the nurturing and sharing of technology towards the Industrial Revolution 4.0 in post-Covid-19 era. In: Innovation Summit 2020
2019 The classification of wealth from Maqasid al-Shari’ah perspective. In: 10th Foundation of Islamic Finance Conference/Symposium (FIFC 2019)
2019 The solution of Islamic economics for the current economic system. In: Islamic Economics Winter Course 2019
2019 Sustainable business and innovation in the era of 4IR. In: Trisakti Management Challenge 2019
2019 Islamic finance: sustainability and inclusivity to ensure social, environment and economics justice. In: The 1st Palembang International Seminar in Islamic Economics and Business (PISIEB)
2019 Business innovation for inclusive development. In: International Conference on Business Innovation for Inclusive Development (ICBIID-2019)
2019 Ethics and regulation of digital banking and insurance. In: The 5th Islamic Finance Conference on Banking and Insurance in the Era of Digital Transformation (IFC 2019).
2019 Managing risks in Islamic banking and finance. In: Workshop on Managing Risk in Islamic Banking and Finance
2018 Economic thought in classical Arabic manuscripts: an assessment. In: Islamic Banking & Finance Symposium in Islamic Finance: An Economic Catalyst for Emerging India


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Book Section

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