Tanveer Saleh
Associate Professor

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Dr Tanveer Saleh has been in the Department of Mechatronics Engineering at the International Islamic University Malaysia since 2012. He completed his Ph.D in 2009 at the National University of Singapore. He worked in NUS spin-off company, Mikrotools Pte Ltd. for three years. He also worked at the University of British Columbia, Canada, as a postdoctoral fellow for more than one year before he joined IIUM.

  • Ph.D in Engineering (Mechanical) - Doctor of Philosophy, National University of Singapore
  • Master of Science (Mechatronics) - Masters Degree, National University of Singapore
  • B.Sc in Mechanical Engineering - Bachelor Degree, Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology, Dhaka
  • 2019 - 2021 , Bentham Science
  • 2016 - 2020 , Deerhill Publishing
  • 2016 - 2020 , Taylor and Francis
  • 2014 - 2019 Executive Committee Member of Robotic and Automation Society,
  • 2016 - 2019 , American Research Journals
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In Progress
2019 - Present Pulsed Eddy Current System Prototype for Assessment of Under-Insulation Corrosion
2019 - Present Investigation on the energy saving capability of a Variable Inertia Magneto Rheological (MR) Flywheel.
2019 - Present Development of an Intelligent Knowledgebase for uEDM Operation
2018 - Present Micro Hole Machining for Laser Application
2018 - Present Modeling and Experimental Investigation on Laser-micro Electro discharge machining based hybrid microfabrication process
2018 - Present Fundamental Investigation on Laser-EDM Based Micromachining Technology (AOARD GRANT)
2018 - Present Fundamental Investigation on Laser-EDM Based Micromachining Technology
2018 - -1 Micro Hole Machining for Laser Application
2017 - 2017 Design of the 4th Axis for DT-110 Multipurpose Machinetool
2016 - 2019 Development of a Prototype of Carbon Nanotube based Angular Sensor
2014 - 2017 Development of a 3-D ?-Patterning Process for Vertically Aligned Cardon Nanotubes (VACNT) for New Types of Sensor Fabrication
2014 - 2016 Design and Development of Shoe-Tying Robotic Hands for Prosthetics and Humanoid Application
2014 - 2017 Investigation on the Effect Of "Nano-Powder" in Micro-Wire Electro-Discharge Machining (?-WEDM) Process for Fabricating Micro Actuators with Nanometric Mirror Surface
2013 - 2014 MEMS Based electrostatic Acutator Development for 2 x 2 Optomechanical Swithch
2013 - 2016 Study of Effects of Patterning Process on Carbon Nanotube(CNT) Forest Surface
2013 - 2016 Novel Real-Time Snatch Robbery Detection And Prediction For Smart Surveillance System
2013 - 2016 Parametric Investigation to Optimize Dynamic Range of Magnetorheological Damper for Prosthetic Limbs
2013 - 2015 Development of a BCI (Brain Computer Interface) and Shape Memory Alloy Based (SMA) Assistive Hand for Disabled People
19 Februari 2013 Bronze Medal. IRIIE 2013 organizing committee - University level.
2019 Modular robotic platform for autonomous machining. International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology
2019 Artificial neural network modelling and analysis of carbon nanopowder mixed micro wire electro discharge machining of gold coated doped silicon. International Journal of Materials Engineering Innovation , 10 (4) pp.346-363
2019 PDMS-based dual-channel pneumatic micro-actuator. Smart Materials and Structures , 28 (11) pp.1-11
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2019 An ex-situ method to convert vertically aligned carbon nanotubes array to horizontally aligned carbon nanotubes mat. Materials Research Express , 6 (2) pp.1-8
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Conference or Workshop Item

2019 Development of an active fixture for ultrasonically assisted micro electro-discharge machining. In: 7th IEEE International Conference on Mechatronics Engineering - ICOM'19
2019 Development and performance evaluation of modular RC-based power supply for micro-EDM. In: 7th IEEE International Conference on Mechatronics Engineering - ICOM'19
2019 Micromachining using fiber laser for various metallic workpieces. In: FEIIC - International Conference on Engineering Education and Research FICEER 2019
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Book Section

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