Tarikh : 29 March 2021

Dilaporkan Oleh : Siti Rusianti Tomin

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The “KOP Let's Get Fit 2021 (KOPFIT 2021)” launching event was held on March 25th, from 9-10.30am and continued for the afternoon session at 3-5pm. The event was launched via Google Meet. The whole event will be held from 25th March 2021 until 25th September 2021. 

The purpose of the KOPFIT 2021 was to encourage KOP staff to practice new healthy and active lifestyles. Through this six months program, it is hoped to help the participants reduce the risk of diseases, reduce their fat percentage, sugar level and obtain a normal blood pressure. Our goal was to instill the awareness of getting healthy in order to increase the staff productivity.

Overall, the feedback we received was overwhelmingly positive, all 34 participants commenting favorably on the experience and eager to start their healthy journey. There are two challenges; I used to be fat (a weight loss challenge) and 10,00 steps per day, keep the doctor away (a fitness challenge).

This afternoon's event involved the participants on the BMI measurement, random blood sugar, total fat percentage and also their blood pressure level. A short consultation by Dr May Khin Soe was also provided during the session. A telegram group was set up to monitor and act as a support group for the participants for them to keep istiqamah in modifying their old habit.

Blood pressure Measurement
BMI Measurement
Random Blood Sugar Measurement
Body fat percentage and consultation by Dr May

We're looking forward to the monthly winner of 10,00 steps challenge and the ultimate winner for the " I Used to be Fat" challenge. Thank you all, for your participation!