IIUM Pagoh: Weekly kulliyyah for a better improvement and holistic approach in KLM community

IIUM Pagoh: Weekly kulliyyah for a better improvement and holistic approach in KLM community

Tarikh : 22 September 2019

Dilaporkan Oleh : Mohamad Hazim Bin Selamat

Kategori : News


By Sarah Azila binti Mazilan

Office of Student Development and Community Engagement

Islamic Affairs Division of Kulliyyah of Languages and Management Student Society (KLMSS) has contributed a lot for the KLM community to fill in the weekend in Pagoh Campus with beneficial knowledge. In semester 2, 18/19 they had organized many weekly kulliyyah in order to boost the knowledge on Islamic matters among the community of KLM.

Srikandi Moments Event:

Is one of the initiative done by the division for female students in IIUM Pagoh. The weekly kulliyyah was held at Musolla of Mahallah Zaid bin Harithah during the Friday prayer It began from 1st March 2019 until 26th April 2019.  The aim of this event is to help the students to gain more religion knowledge and problem solving related to hukum in Islamic Shariah. The weekly kulliyyah is focusing on the female students as to fill in the gap during the Friday prayer and also to give them the opportunity to discuss on details about female related matters with the invited speakers. 

The kulliyyah was attended by female students of Kulliyyah of Languages and Management

Khutbah Open Mic:

Is a new alternative to inculcate the virtues of Islamic teaching among the students of IIUM, Pagoh Campus. It was conducted every Friday night starting from 15 March until 3 May 2019 at Café Mahallah Zaid bin Harithah. This programme had open up the opportunities for the students, especially to the men, to practice their preaching in preparation to formalize sermons at the mosque. It is also a good platform for the students to share their khutbah and gained different views from it. 

Daurah Riyadhussolihin & Tafsir Surah Yusuf :

The programme was conducted twice a month for five sessions for Semester 2, 2018/2019 starting from 2nd March 2019 until 27th April 2019. The objectives of the weekly kulliyyah were to inculcate the religious environment among the KLM students as well as to gain their interest in seeking knowledge through daurah medium. 

The talk was casual and easy for the students to discuss with the speaker.

The invited speaker, Br. Ahmad Syarief bin Fadhli, who is currently pursuing in MAIRK Quran Sunnah in IIUM, has attracted the participants through his casual approached in delivering the content. The students get to asked a lot of creative and analytical questions throughout the discussion for better understanding. It is hoped that such events will be continued in the future for a better development among the KLM community.