Hanif Mahpa's statement a spin, says Dr. Mizan

Hanif Mahpa's statement a spin, says Dr. Mizan

Tarikh : 08 September 2015

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EXCLUSIVE: Hanif Mahpa’s statement a spin, says Dr. Mizan



By Shazni Ong

GOMBAK, 4 September 2015: The statement made by Hanif Mahpa regarding the dissolution of 2014/2015 Students Representative Council (SRC) on his Facebook page that went viral in IIUM Online was a spin, IIUM Deputy Rector (Student Affairs), Prof. Datuk Dr. Mizan Hitam said.

He stated this when asked by IIUMToday on the sudden SRC dissolution which made quite a stir for the IIUM community recently after attending the IIUM Taaruf (Orientation) programme for September session students’ intake held yesterday night.

“Allow me to explain and clarify the situation. Firstly, we have invited all SRC members to attend a meeting session yesterday (3 September) at 5 p.m. to explain about this matter. Thirteen SRC members were in attendance including a few STADD staffs such as Amir Pasha. It was an official meeting. The most important thing was that Secretary General, Azizul Hafiz was present for the meeting.”

He added that he personally asked those SRC members who attended, “Where was Br. Hanif Mahpa?” which they replied, “He was away on family matters (assisting his sibling of going overseas).”

According to Dr. Mizan, the meeting was held to explain the dissolution process of SRC.

“Yes, we have the right to dissolve it in September. It is legally right and correct because all universities had received approval from their university’s highest authority giving the interpretation that a year for SRC leadership is not one calendar year which consists of 365 days but one academic year.”

“The decision was not made by me alone but had been endorsed by universities’ senate many months ago. This matter had also been endorsed latest by the IIUM Senate Meeting No. 417 held on 28 August 2015 and that the SRC election date would be held on 17 September 2015. I was overseas but I knew the matter was to be discussed by the Senate which we had proposed that date as the election day.”

“So basically it is true when they said that they have not completed a calendar year term. But there is nothing wrong for us wanting it to go earlier with the objective that beginning this year every time a new semester begins, there will be a new SRC that would be able to work for a year. And this year is slightly difficult because it is a transitional, starting year,” added Dr. Mizan in front of all Mahallah principals and a few heads of departments under Student Affairs.

“So when they said they were not informed about this matter, that news is not true. That statement is a spin,” Mizan emphasised.

The tenure for the 2014/2015 IIUM Student Representative Council (SRC IIUM) came to an end following its dissolution on 3 September 2015.***