IVF Workshop (Mouse Embryology Workshop)

IVF Workshop (Mouse Embryology Workshop)

Tarikh Mula : 04 Sep 2014   Tarikh Tamat : 05 Sep 2014

Lokasi : Integrated Centre for Research Animal, Care & Use (ICRACU)

Penganjur : Kulliyyah of Allied Health Sciences



The organization of this workshop is hoped to provide respective academics and support laboratory staff as well as postgraduate students with a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of advances in cell culture specifically in the mechanics of laboratory embryology. This will include culture techniques, quality control, sperm and oocytes preparation, process of fertilization and morphology assessment for embryo selection, embryo handling and embryo grading techniques. This effort also hoped to be a stimulus to improve the research culture and as a source of motivation for individual researchers interested in the line of study.

1. To impart theoretical and practical skills of cell and embryo culture.
2. To learn the important practical components in mouse embryology.
3. To learn the good laboratory practices and quality control aspects.
4. To make occasion for the academic and support staff to break away from the monotony of teaching and administrative responsibilities so as to give them the opportunity to concentrate on improving the research aspect in their job description.
5. To ensure that annual training requirements of academics and laboratory staff are met.
6. To promote the learning activities of the University to the local community.

By the end of the workshop, participants should be able to:
1. Conduct studies related to cell culture techniques especially on mouse embryology and IVF.
2. Improve interventions to preserve fertility and assist in the development of techniques in achieving favorable reproductive outcomes.
3. Acquire new skills and fulfill training requirement.