AAD E-Degree Show 2020  - Celebration of Growth

AAD E-Degree Show 2020 - Celebration of Growth

Tarikh Mula : 06 Aug 2020   Tarikh Tamat : 06 Aug 2020

Lokasi : KAED, IIUM

Penganjur : Dept. of AAD, KAED

Celebration of Growth

E-Degree Show 2020

Digital exhibitions portraying the Final Year Degree Project of Bachelor
Applied Arts and Design (B.AAD), from the Department of Applied Arts and
Design, KAED, IIUM Gombak.

B.AAD consists of three majoring - Industrial Design. Interior Design and Conservation. 

Growth is a presentation of the knowledge, experiences, and influences that
shaped and grow us as a student and an individual. The visual  presentation of Growth diverts from the colour the word commonly associated with, green. Instead of going with the obvious choice of colour, Growth would go for a mixture of different colors derived from flowers with their own symbolic meaning (Language of Flowers); gladiolus (purple; strength, moral integrity), king protea (pink; transformation, courage), snapdragon (red; graciousness), sunflower (yellow; happiness, longevity), and narcissus (white; prosperity, inspiration). The mixture or coming together of the colours signifies the knowledge, experience, and influences that have made us what we are today.