Policy / Guidelines and Procedures

Policy / Guidelines and Procedures

General Policy on Research Grant
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Guideline on Consultancy Policy

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Guideline on Research Clusters

Eligibility to Apply

All research groups that meet the basic criteria for the establishment of research cluster (as attached in the below instrument) and approved by the University Research Committee are eligible to call as research clusters.


Each Cluster should have at least 5 full members.

  1. Instrument Research Cluster KPI March 2016
  2. Instrument Research Cluster Establishment 1st April 2016

Guideline on IPR & Commercialization
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Guideline on RMC Financial

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Assalamu ‘alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,


Dear YBhg. Dato’/Prof./Assoc Prof/Asst Prof/Dr./Sir/Madam/Br./Sr.,


We wish to announce that effective from 18th September 2017 / Monday,  all verification and approval processes of research related financial documents under FRGS and RIGS grants are to be handled by the Head of Research / Deputy Dean in-charge of research at the respective Kulliyyahs / Institutes / Centres.  These financial documents include claims, advancement, reconciliation and procurement.  This is congruent with the decision made by the University Research Committee in its meeting held on 15th June 2017 to :


1)expedite the verification processes of financial documents;

2)ensure the financial documents comply with IIUM financial guidelines and procedures;

3)facilitate practical, cost - effective and creative improvements from time to time;

4)adopt the best practices of other Research Universities 


Thus, Research Management Centre will no longer accept financial documents for verification and approval under FRGS and RIGS grants except Travelling Approval and Purchase of Equipment Approval (Vote V35000) effective 18th September 2017.  


Should you need further clarification, please refer to Grant Management Unit at or 5019/5009/5017/5008/5431.


Thank you for your continuous support.  Wassalam.

Grant Management Unit  Research Management Centre

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Guideline on IRAGS 

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Guideline on P-RIGS

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Guidelines on Appointment of GRA

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Guideline on Usage Research Grant After Completion Date

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  1. Briefing on Grant Management 2019 Presentation Slide
  2. Briefing on Grant Management 2019- Guidelines on Expenses, GRA & Extension

1.Securing International Grants by Prof. Dr. Stefanie Shamila Pillai
2.A Sharing Session on Securing International Research Grant for Social Scientists 

Guidelines on Research Initiative Grant Scheme

  1. Guidelines on Research Initiative Grant Scheme