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International Islamic University Malaysia,
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50728, Kuala Lumpur
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It's KERICE Day! Congratulations to all the winners

gold Gold Medal
silverSilver Medal
bronze Bronze Medal


Award Video ID Name Title
gold BPM007 Yusilawati Ahmad Nor Oil Sorbent From Waste Lubricating Oil And Styrofoam
silver BPM004 Nur Izzati Binti Mohd Razali The Effect Of Different Isocyanates In Mechanical Properties Of Polylactic Acid/Palm Oil Based Polyurethane As A Biodegradable Packaging Material
bronze NN004 Mizan Izzati Binti Mat Zin Chitin Nanopaper From Fungal-Based Source
bronze BER001 Amina Tahreen Potential Of Electrocoagulation (Ec) Process To Sustainably Treat Palm Oil Mill Effluent (Pome) For Wastewater Reuse

Civil Engineering

Award Video ID Name Title
gold CAM001 Altamashuddinkhan Nadimalla Recycled Pet Bottles And M-Sand As Fine Aggregate Replacement In Concrete For Sustainable Construction
silver CAM005 Aida Nabila Binti Jamaluddin Strength Characteristics Of Geopolymer Mortar Containing Waste Paper Sludge Ash (WPSA)
bronze CAM007 Nur Aina Farahana Binti Abdul Ghani Non-Destructive Evaluation Of Rigid Pavement Using Spectral Analysis Of Surface Waves (SASW)
bronze CAM004 Nur Aqilah Binti Mohd Rosli Riverbank Erosion Study At Sungai Pusu

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Award Video ID Name Title
gold VL001 Mohd Afiq Mohd Asri Low-Cost And Rapid Prototyping Of Electrochemical Microfluidic Biosensor
silver WCS001 Rafhanah Shazwani Binti Rosli Wi-Sense: Rssi-Based Integrated Physical Intrusion Alarm And Indoor Automation
bronze SE006 Wan Nurul Suraya Binti Wan Nazulan Detection Of Sweetness Level For Fruits (Watermelon) With Machine Learning
bronze PP001 Saidatul Haneen Binti Badruhisham Integration Of Hybrid Biomass-Solar Photovoltaic-Wind Turbine In Microgrid Application

Mechatronics Engineering

Award Video ID Name Title
gold CUT001 Muhammad Ikmal Hakim Bin Shamsul Bahrin Development Of Interactive Audio System For Helping Blind And Visually Impaired Students To Read Tactile Graphics Materials
silver HER002 Ifrah Shahdad Performance-Based Adaptive Modulation Of Hand Rehabilitation Using A Finger-Extensor Mechanism
bronze HER001 Chowdhury Mohammad Masum Refat Machine Learning For Facial Expression Driven Rehabilitation System Based On Stretchable Sensor
bronze IMS005 Dr. Azni Nabela Wahid Enhancing The Performance Of Piezoelectric Energy Harvester By Using Corrugated Cantilever Beam

Mechanical Engineering

Award Video ID Name Title
gold DC002 Nur Aqilah Binti Azman Shah IIUMSAT-2: Design And Realization Of A Nanosatellite For Malaysia Siswasat Competition 2020.
silver T001 Mohammed Faheem Impact Of Crosswire On Mixing And Core Length Of Mach 1.5 Supersonic Jet
bronze SMD001 Sharis-Shazzali Bin Shahimi Damage Assessment On Numerical Modelling Of Rotating Engine Blades Subjected To Bird Strike

Manufacturing and Materials Engineering

Award Video ID Name Title
gold AMS004 Nurfarahin Binti Mohd. Nordin Development Of Microcellular Polylactic Acid Biocomposite Foamed Via Supercritical Carbon Dioxide
silver AMS003 Siti Norbahiyah Binti Mohamad Badari Wear And Frictional Properties Of Kenaf/Carbon Fibers Reinforced Epoxy Hybrid Composites
bronze AMS002 Nur Hudawiyah Binti Abu Hassan Development High Entropy Alloy As Catalyst For Azo Dye Degradation
bronze AMS009 Raimi Fariz Bin Nasrudin Non-Acidic Isolation Of Cellulose Nanofibril (CNF) From Empty Fruit Bunch (EFB) And Its Characterization

Update: In conjunction with KERICE 2020, join our webinar entitled 10 steps to build an IOT company. Details below

What is KERICE?

The Kulliyyah of Engineering was established in 1994 to provide quality engineering education and research with a vision to be “A Global Centre of Innovative Engineering Education & Research with Values & Professional Ethics”. Towards achieving the vision, Kulliyyah of Engineering in conjunction with the celebration of KOE 25th anniversary takes the initiative to organise the programme that could promote the quality research and innovation to the kulliyyah’s community.

          This exhibition is aimed to provide a platform for exposing research activities of the Kulliyyah to the University and industries. Furthermore, it is to provide an opportunity for the postgraduate students to interact and exchange ideas amongst themselves. It is also an event to exhibit the Kulliyyah research outputs and this occasion is the best place to bridge the innovation gap with the industry counterpart.



  1. To expose the Kulliyyah’s research activities to other Kuliyyahs, Industry and public.

  2. To provide an opportunity for the post graduate students, researchers and industrial partners to interact and exchange ideas amongst themselves.

  3. To promote research culture within the Kulliyyah and the University.

  4. To promote collaborative research work between Kulliyyah and Industrial partners. 

Participant Guide

Each participant is to prepare a 3 minutes video presentation which includes the following content: 

Introduction, objectives, method, results, conclusion, potential application

Participant terms and condition

This exhibition is compulsory for the Kulliyyah of Engineering’s Research Groups to submit a minimum of two participants and Postgraduate students who have submitted their research proposal.

Important Date

20 October 2020Deadline for submission of title & abstract
23 October 2020Notification of abstract acceptance
30 October 2020Deadline for Registration
7 November 2020Deadline for submission of the proof of payment
15 November 2020Deadline for Submission of the presentation video 
8 December 2020KERICE 2020 Event (Winner Announcement)

Contact us:

KOE Head of Research : Assoc Prof Dr Hazleen Anuar ( hazleen@iium.edu.my)