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List of forms:

  • UG01 Application To Add A Course (Adjustment / Late Registration Period
  • UG02 Application To Audit A Course (Week 1)
  • UG03 Application To Drop A Course (Week 2 Until Week 3)
  • UG04 Application To Withdraw A Course Fees Of RM300.00 (Week 5 Until Week 10)
  • UG05 Application To Withdraw A Course After Deadline Fees Of RM500.00 (Week 11 Until Week 14) 
  • UG06 Application To Conduct Decentralized Examination
  • UG07 Application To Resit An Examination Fees Of RM100.00
  • UG08 Application To Repeat A Passed Course  Fees Of RM500.00 (Week 1)
  • UG09 Appeal To Review Answer Script Fees Of RM50.00
  • UG10 Application For Leave Of Absence Fees Of RM50.00 (Week 1 Until Week 12)
  • UG11 Application For Credit Transfer Within IIUM
  • UG12 Application To Register Course On Independent Study Basis Fees Of RM500.00 / Couse (For Graduating STudents Only - Week 1)
  • UG13 Application for Transfer of Credit from External Institute
  • UG14 Application for Readmission

Download Academic Affairs (Undergraduate) Form for Student


Ref No. Form Title Revised
UG/REG 1 Master List of Cross Listed Courses
 Dec 2017
UG/REG 2 Substitute Course Form Jan 2018
UG/REG 3Choice Of Major (Revision 2 Feb 2018) Feb 2018


Ref No.Form TitleRevised
UG/EXAM 1Special Need for Examination FormJan 2018
UG/EXAM 2Application for Transfer Credit (Exchange Student)Mar 2019

Final Year project

Ref No.Form TitleRevised
UG/FYP 1 UG FYP General GuidelinesMarch 2020
UG/FYP 2Registration Form: FYP I
March 2020


Ref No.Form Title  Revised
UG/CERT 1Application for certification letterNov 2017
UG/SIT-IN 1Application to Sit-in (for Students with Financial Problem)
UG/COP 1Application for Change of Programme Within the Kulliyyah (Internal) (Effective in Sem. 1, 2019/2020 onwards)August 2019

Item below not applicable for students with 171 study plan

Ref No.Form TitleRevised
UG/Minor 1Declaration of Minor from other Kulliyyah (Batch 053 & Above)
UG/Minor 2Declaration of Minor in ARAB (Batch 053 & Above)
UG/Minor 3Declaration of Minor in ENGL (Batch 053 & Above)
UG/Minor 4Declaration of Minor in IRK (Batch 053 & Above)
UG/Minor 5 Declaration of Minor within HS Division (Batch 053 & Above)
UG/Minor 6Declaration of Minor in RKFQ/RKQS/RKUD

Free Elective Courses

1.  Free Elective Courses from Other Kulliyyahs (except KENMS)
2.  Free Elective Courses from KENMS
3.  Free Elective Courses from KIRKHS (exclude KIRKHS students)

Minor Courses

(Prior to cohort 171 Study Plan)

1.  Course List: Minor within KIRKHS
2.  Course List: Minor from Kulliyyah of ICT
3.  Course List: Minor from Kulliyyah of ENMS
4.  Course List: Minor from Kulliyyah of Education
5.  Course List: Minor from Kulliyyah of Aikol

Course Synopsis

1.  Communication  (updated 9 Apr 2019)
2.  English Literature and Linguistics(updated 22 Apr 2019)
3.  History and Civilization
4.  Political Science
5.  Psychology 
6.  Sociology and Anthropology
7.  Elective IRK courses 

Download Academic Affairs (Undergraduate) Form for Academic Staff


Ref No.Form TitleRevised
STAFF/EXAM 1Summary Of Final Examination Answer Script Submission Form From Department To The Office Of DDAA Jan 2017
STAFF/EXAM 2End of semester Examination Requirement FormApr 2017
STAFF/EXAM 3Student Consensus form
Aug 2017
STAFF/EXAM 4Answer Script Submission FormAug 2017
STAFF/EXAM 5Secrecy formAug 2017
STAFF/EXAM 6Warning Letter to StudentMay 2018
STAFF/EXAM 7Barring LetterMay 2018
STAFF/EXAM 8Validation form (applicable for all undergraduate  level courses)Mar 2019
STAFF/EXAM 9Validation Exercise Report Form (applicable for all undergraduate level courses)Mar 2019
STAFF/EXAM 10Correction of Grade FormJuly 2019


  Guidelines on Submission of Final      Examination Question Papers

Ref. No.Form TitleRevised
STAFF/ACAD ADVISOR 1Academic Advisor Report
STAFF/ACAD ADVISOR 2Student Monitoring Form
STAFF/ATTENDANCE 1Undergraduate Students' Attendance Record SubmissionFeb 2009
STAFF/ATTENDANCE 2Submission of Class AttendanceNov 2017
STAFF/ATTENDANCE 3Kullyyah Policy on Students’ Attendance, Warning and BarringFeb 2018
STAFF/INTERNSHIP 1KIRKHS Internship Program Book
STAFF/QP 1Submission Of Final Examination Question Papers : Requirements and Guidelines
STAFF/QP 2Test Specifications For Final Examination
STAFF/QP 3Template for English Questions
STAFF/QP 4Template for Arabic Questions
STAFF/VENUE 1Kulliyyah Policy on Formulation of Venue Allocation For The Purpose Of Class Scheduling
Appendix : Sample of Course Offering Worksheet
Appendix: Allocation of venue for each department
9 AUG 2019
STAFF/VETTING 1Departmental Final Examination Vetting Report Form
Test Specifications Template
Test Specifications Template (Arabic)

New Flowchart During MCO and ERTL
Postgraduate Procedures, Rules and Regulations
Registration of Research (Thesis/Dissertation/Research Proposal) 
  1. CPS Process Flow Registration of Research
  2. Research: Proposal Form, Proposal Progress Form, Progress Report Form (CPS website)
  1. Registration of Research Paper Form (KIRKHS)
  2. Application: Transfer of Credits/Exemption of Courses, Withdrawal of Course,  Extension of Study Period, Change Status of Study, Leave of Absence, Change Mode of Programme (CPS website)
Research Proposal (Kulliyyah form)
  1. Nomination of Supervisors (for first time nomination only)
  2. Change of Supervisor 
  3. Master's Thesis/Dissertation Proposal (to present proposal at Departmental level) 
  4. PhD Thesis/Dissertation Proposal (to present proposal at Departmental level) 
  5. Thesis/Dissertation Proposal Correction (to submit with Revised Proposal) 
  6. Thesis/Dissertation Proposal Template (English)
  7. Thesis/Dissertation Proposal Template (Arabic)
  1. Flowchart of Registration for Research Proposal/Research/Research Progress Report
  2. Master Examiner form
  3. PhD Examiner form
  4. Notification of Intention to Submit Research Work, Certification of Completion and Correction of Thesis by Main Supervisor (for Master by Coursework and Research), Certification of Completion of Research Work for Master (by Research Only) and PhD Programme, Certification of Completion for Masters (By Coursework and Research), Review of Thesis Binding (Master-PhD) - CPS website
Thesis Flowchart for Batch G102 and Above 
  1. Masters by Coursework and Research 
  2. Masters by Research Only 
  3. PhD by Coursework and Research
  4. PhD by Research Only
Important Notice to Ph.D and Master students submitting thesis/dissertation to the Kulliyyah: 
  1. Please download the IIUM Thesis Manual (CPS website) consisting Arabic or English Thesis Template from the Centre for Postgraduate Studies(CPS) website.
  2. You MUST do thesis/dissertation corrections according to the styles and format regulations in accordance with IIUM Thesis Manual.
  3. Upon Kulliyyah’s approval for thesis binding, you (student) will prepare and bear all costs in producing the thesis hard bound. 
  4. The Kulliyyah will NOT pay ANY costs whatsoever or be responsible in preparing or producing the thesis hard bound.
  1. PG Students' Attendance Record Submission Form
  2. Evaluation Report of Master's Thesis (for IRK Division)
  3. Evaluation Report of Master's Thesis (for HS Division)
  4. Evaluation Report of PhD Thesis
  5. Master's Thesis Result (Reminder: Attach Turnitin report from Supervisor)
  6. Mark Sheet for Master Comprehensive Examination
  7. Mark Sheet for PhD Comprehensive Examination
  8. Extra Teaching Claim Due to Supervision
  9. Application to Change Class Schedule for Postgraduate Course
  10. PhD Seminar's Presentation Evaluation
  11. IIUM Code of Supervision
  12. Advisory Record Form
  13. Research Proposal Assessment Form
  14. Download New Format - EXTERNAL EXAMINER CV
  15. Claim Form-Honorarium for Examiner of Master's Thesis
  16. Template Letter-Nomination of Internal/External Examiners
  17. Template Letter from Dept-Master's Proposal 
Application for IIUM Financial Sponsorship to Attend Local Seminar / Conference / Workshop
  1. Application Form
  2. Registration of Research Gift on Behalf of Sponsored IIUM Academic Staff Attending Local or Overseas Programmes
Application for IIUM Financial Sponsorship to Attend Overseas Seminar / Conference / Workshop
  1. Application Form
  2. Registration of Research Gift on Behalf of Sponsored IIUM Academic Staff Attending Local or Overseas Programmes
  3. Report on IIUM Funded Participation/Attendance for Overseas Conferences / Seminar / Workshop / Visit
  4. Lampiran A (Ministry Approval)
Study Plan for Master's Programme (for Batch G171 & above)
Study Plan for Ph.D's Programme (for Batch G171 & above)

Study Plan 053 Onwards (Programme Structure)

1. Communication
2. English Literature and Linguistics for Batch 053 & Above
3. English Literature and Linguistics for Batch 091 & Above
4. History and Civilization
5. Political Science
6. Psychology
7. Sociology and Anthropology

Study Plan 112 Onwards (Programme Structure)

  1. Communication
  2. English Literature and Linguistics
  3. History and Civilization
  4. Political Science
  5. Psychology
  6. Sociology and Anthropology 

Study Plan (RK) 121 Onwards (Programme Structure)

  1. BARB
  2. RKFQ
  3. RKQS
  4. RKUD 

Study Plan 121 Onwards (Programme Structure)

  1. Communication
  2. English Literature and Linguistics
  3. History and Civilization
  4. Political Science
  5. Psychology
  6. Sociology and Anthropology  

Study Plan 171 Onwards (Programme Structure)
(Single Major and Minoring Courses)

  1. Communication
  2. English Language and Literature
  3. History and Civilization
  4. Political Science
  5. Psychology
  6. Sociology and Anthropology
  7. BARB
  8. RKFQ
  9. RKQS
  10. RKUD

Study Plan for Master's Programme (for Batch G171 & above)

Study Plan for Ph.D's Programme (for Batch G171 & above)



  1. Application for External Training Form
  2. Application for Extension of Study Leave 
  3. Application for Research Leave Form
  4. Application for Sabbatical Leave
  5. Application for substitutional leave form
  6. Application to change the staggered working hour for administrative & technical staff
  7. Assignment of Over Time Work Form
  8. Booking of Venue Form
  9. Clearance Form
  10. Complaints & Suggestions Form
  11. Courier service requisition form
  12. MOHE Lampiran A dan A1 Borang Lawatan Ke Luar Negara-2016
  13. Notice of Arrival for Staff Mobility Programme
  14. Notice of Resumption for Duty
  15. Parking Access Card application form
  16. Pre Approval Form (Outbound) Staff Mobilty
  17. Programme Report Form (March 2018)
  18. Proposal For Appointment of Part-Time Assistants Form
  19. Report Duty & Report after Sabbatical Leave
  20. Report on Conference/Seminar Form
  21. Request For Assistance/Maintenance/Furniture Form
  22. Request For Clearance Form
  23. Staff Mobility Egibility (Outbound) Criteria For Academics
  24. Staff Mobility Programme (Inbound) Application Form
  25. Staff Mobility Programme (Outbound) Application Form
  26. Student employment on campus programme (SEOC) application form
  27. Transportation Request Form
  28. Transport Requisition Form
  29. Verification for Medical Certificate / Time Slip
  31. Application for Part-Time Academic Staff (05022020)
  32. Notice Resumption for Duty (Sub-Specialty/Post-Doctoral leave/Industrial Attachment/Sabbatical Leave/Staff Mobility/Research Leave (02062020)
  33. Visiting Scholar (Inbound) Application Form (Adjunct Prof./Adjunct Fellow/Visiting Prof./Visiting Fellow/Visiting Lecturer/Visiting Researcher)(02062020)
  34. Academic Assignment for Staff / Academic Trainee on Study Leave(05062020)


  1. Claim form for graduate Admin. Assistant
  2. Claim form for part-time Admin Assistant
  3. Confirmation of Cash Acceptance
  4. Extra Teaching Claim Form
  5. Financial Report for Miscellaneous Advancement
  6. Financial Report Form for Student
  7. Flight Ticket Form
  8. Income Tax Declaration
  9. Independent Study Form
  10. Lampiran A For Overseas Travel - Standard Government Format_1 
  11. List of Registered Travelling Agency Under IIUM Finance
  12. Miscellaneous Advancement Form
  13. Overtime Form 1st July 2010
  14. Overtime Request Form
  15. Part Time Lecturer's Claim Form
  16. Payment Approval
  17. Procurement Approval form (ICT)
  18. Procurement Form
  19. Refreshment Order Form
  20. Request Form
  21. Travelling claim form


    1. Computer Delivery Report Form
    2. ICT Equipment Loan Form
    3. Audio Visual Services Application Form
    4. ICT Services & Maintenance Form
    5. List of Academic Staff by Department (Room No.)