Centre for Information Technology Advancement

Centre for Information Technology Advancement

About Centre for IT Advancement (CITA)

Centre for IT Advancement (CITA) was established in October 2004 at the Kulliyyah of Information and Communication Technology (KICT).  Services offered by CITA are, therefore, further extension to the functions of the Kulliyyah; providing the complete range of educational courses in ICT.  Education in ICT is seen to be one of the starting conduits to bring transition to the industrial landscape of the country. Hence, this is where CITA could fit into the long-term plan of the industry; a commitment to provide continuing education in ICT to maintain the edge in all ICT related activities.

CITA recognizes the need for continuing education and professional development programs in IT not only for students but also corporate employees, adult professionals, and the general public. We have qualified consultants and instructors, who understand these needs and could meet the demand for new skills and enhancements. Currently, CITA, in cooperation with the Malaysian Chief of Government Security Office (CGSO), offers Master in Protective Security Management (MPSM). With the strategic partnership with the Chief Government Security Office (CGSO), CITA has jointly developed the human capital development program delivering certification programs for all security personals throughout Malaysia. 

Furthermore, in line with the national initiative to produce 1,500 data scientists by 2020, CITA recently introduced a new Master programme namely Master in Business Intelligence and Analytics (MBIA). This programme is offered in response to the emerging trends in advanced applications of ICT technologies to enhance intelligence and analytical capabilities in business decision-making. Business Intelligence and Analytics are defined as the competency to identify trends, make accurate forecast through effective and smart management and allocation of resources to optimize results. Thus Business Intelligence and Analytics are not only limited to the corporate sector alone but are also relevant to government and social enterprise sectors.

Prospective and current students, please contact our office for more information regarding our programmes, payments and resources.

Office Address

Centre for IT Advancement,
Block A, Level 4,
Kulliyyah of ICT,
International Islamic University Malaysia,
P.O. Box 10, 50728 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,

Phone: +603-6421 6423 / +603-6421 5698
Email: cita@iium.edu.my

Head of Centre for IT Advancement

Head of CITA

Asst. Prof. Dr. Normi Sham Awang Abu Bakar
03 - 6196 5633

Academic Coordinator

Asst. Prof. Dr. Madihah Sheikh Abdul Aziz
03 - 6196 5635

Administrative Assistant

Br. Ahmad Syafiq Amir
03 - 6196 6423


Programmes Offered

CITA offers executive postgraduate courses as follows:

KICT is creating our own marketplace where IIUM communities and public can easily find and offer IT jobs. We aim to gather KICT students and alumni to be our KICT freelancers where they can earn money while enhancing their IT skills. 

KICT MotionU will be managing and match making the jobs available to the pool of freelancers for the best match. Be part of KICT freelancers, lets contribute together for the ummah.

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This initiative is one of KICT efforts to:-

  • provide IT services to the community
  • enhanced our students IT skills
  • provide freelance opportunities for our students to earn money.

Let us support each other towards achieving Rahmatan Lil Alamin.


Go! KICT to the Community.

This form is for those who are interested to acquire IT services from KICT MotionU Freelancers. 

Fill in the information required below and we will contact you to discuss further on the requirements. 

Charges will be applied based on the IT project scope and requirement. 

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