The Mahallah Representative Committee - MRC

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The Mahallah Representative Committee - MRC

The Mahallah Representative Committee (MRC) is the highest student organization at the Mahallah level. Its purpose is to plan and organize activities at the mahallah. The committee members of the MRC are selected from among the residents of the respective Mahallah.

The Selected Candidates Must Fulfill the Criteria As Follows:

  1. Excellent interpersonal and organizational abilities with strong leadership qualities.
  2. Supportive to University’s rules and regulations (non anti-establishment).
  3. Students who are of good moral character and who observe the Islamic code of conduct as required by the Centre.
  4. Students who have been enrolled at the Centre.
  5. Students who have acquired academic result of CGPA at least 2.5 (2nd Year students) or at least 4As in their SPM results (1st Year students).
  6. Confident and pleasant personality, together with analytical, logical and creative mind.
  7. The candidate must be available at CFSIIUM for 2 semesters.
  8. The candidate must be free from any serious disciplinary case.

Each Mahallah Will Appoint Members for the MRC Which Consists Of:

i) President 

ii) Vice-President 

iii) Secretary 

iv) Vice-Secretary 

v) Treasurer

Committee Members 

a. Da’wah & Training                             - 1 representative 

b. Sports & Recreation                          - 1 representative 

c. Discipline                                           - 1 representative 

d. Welfare & Residential Affairs            - 1 representative 

e. Arts & Culture                                  - 1 representative 

f. Information & Publication                   - 1 representative


                                                           11 representatives