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Human Resource Department

Administration Department

The Administration and Services Department is responsible for providing basic amenities and facilities for students and staff at the Centre for Foundation Studies campuses. The setting up of the Administration and Services Unit is to ensure that the basic facilities and amenities provided to students and staff are adequate for students and staff. The Administration and Services Department comprises:

The Administration Unit is responsible for

  1. Supervision of IIUM Properties The Administration Unit is responsible for the supervision of IIUM Properties to ensure that the basic amenities i.e., electrical supply, water supply and other basic amenities provided to students and staff are clean, safe and in good working order. The duties of IIUM Properties entail minor civil works i.e., pest control, building maintenance, landscape care, sewerage treatment (management), minor electrical and mechanical work.
  2. Renovation and Upgrading Work The Administration Unit is also responsible for the supervision of renovation and upgrading work set out by the Development Division of the Centre for Foundation Studies campuses.


 The Human Resource Unit is comprised of  two units :

                i)              Human Resource

                ii)             Training


Human Resource

Human Resource Unit play as mediator between CFS and MSD. This unit provides assistance to all CFS staff concerning services, welfare and staffing matter. All this assistance is concerning for employee well-being and ensuring the Centre administration could be run as smooth as it can.


Human Resource Unit Assistance

  • HURIS system
  • Staff Report Duty (Academic/Administration/Technical Staff)
  • Renewal/Completion of Contract for Academic Staff
  • Continuous Sick Leave Letter
  • Application of Part Time (pay with honorarium)/Exam Attendance/Assistant Invigilators
  • Covering Assignment
  • Application Non-Fixed Allowances
  • Application Air-fare Ticket
  • Staff Attendance
  • Application of Substitutional Leave
  • Unpaid/Half pay/Hajj/Umrah/CKS Leave
  • ‘Permohonan Perjalanan Luar Negara atas Urusan Peribadi’
  • Application Staggered Working Hour (Admin & Technical Staff)



The main function of this unit is to provide and facilitate training opportunities for the staff of CFS in all categories.  Hence, this unit coordinates with the Management Services Division on matters pertaining to training, courses, seminars and conferences for administrative and technical staff. As for academic staff, the unit coordinates with Kulliyyahs and external organisers in sending academic staff to seminars, conferences, short courses and workshops. The unit also organises in-house training according to the needs of the Centre.


Training Unit Assistance

  • CFS Staff Training and Events Participation System (STEPS)
  • Attending Seminar/Conference/Workshop (Academic)
  • Organizing Training Programme (Office/Department/Unit)
  • Application for Academic Staff Attending Local/Seminar/Conference/Short Courses/Others