Faculty Areas of Expertise

Faculty Areas of Expertise


Professors (VK6)

NameArea of ExpertiseSub-area of Expertise
Ida Madieha Abdul Ghani AzmiIntellectual Property Law 
Cyber Law, Contract Law
Nik Ahmad Kamal Nik MahmodConstitutional and Administrative Law,
Legal Education
Industrial Relations and Labour Law,
Human Rights,
Access to Justice

Professors (VK7)

NameArea of ExpertiseSub-area of Expertise
Abdul Ghafur HamidInternational Law,
Maritime Law 
International Trade Law,
International Human Rights
and Humanitarian Law,
International Law of the Sea
Aiman Nariman Mohd SulaimanCorporate Law,
Corporate Governance and Ethics
Capital Market Law,
Governance of Financial
Institutions and Business Organisations,
Financial Services Law
Ainul Jaria MaidinReal Property Law, 
Alternative Dispute Resolution 
Land Administration and
Development Control Law,
Good Governance and
Sustainable Development Law,
Mediation of Real Estate Disputes
Ashgar Ali Ali MohamedInternational Law,
Civil Litigation,
Alternative Dispute Resolution
Human Rights,
Labour and Industrial
Relations Law
Azizah MohdIslamic Family LawIslamic Law on Child Protection,  
Illegitimate and Abandoned Children under Islamic Law
Farid Sufian Shuaib Legal System,
Constitutional Law
Administration of Islamic Law,
International Law,
Human Rights,
Media Law
Mohammad Naqib Eishan JanPublic International Law,
International Law of the Sea
International Dispute Resolution,
International Humanitarian Law,
International Refugee Law
Mushera Bibi Ambaras KhanMergers and Acquisition,
Law of Torts
Takeovers Law, Negligence Law
Najibah Mohd ZinAdministrative Law,
Comparative Law,
Human Rights
Family Law, Human Rights and Women,
Shariah Procedural Law 
Nora Abdul HakFamily Law,
Alternative Dispute Resolution
Marriage and Divorce Law,
Family Mediation,
Community Mediation 
Norhashimah Mohd YasinMoney Laundering and Terrorism Financing,
Comparative Law of Banking
Consumer Banking,
Customer Protection,
Law related to HIV and IDU
Puteri Nemie Jahn KassimMedical Law, Tort Law
Medical Negligence,
Health and Nursing Law,
Personal Injury Compensation
Sharifah Zubaidah Syed Abdul Kader KaderLand Law and Land Development Law, Legal EducationEquity and Trust,
Waqf Laws and Management,
Water and River Management Laws

Associate Professors


NameArea of ExpertiseSub-area of Expertise
Abdul Rani Kamarudin Criminal Due Process,
Criminal Justice
Dangerous Drugs Laws & Penology,
Mediation, Business law
Ahmad Azam Othman Islamic Law,
Islamic Finance
Islamic Law of Transactions,
Islamic Law of Property,
Takaful, Islamic Capital Market
Akmal Hidayah HalimAdministration of Estate,
Law of Succession
Law of Probate,
Islamic Law of Succession,
Islamic Wealth Management
Badruddin Hj Ibrahim Administration of Wealth Under Islamic Law,
Islamic Legal Principles (al-Qawa'id al-Shar'iyyah)
Wisayah, Gift (hibah), Bequest (wasiyyah),
Islamic Law of Transaction Islamic Law on Banking
Duryana MohamedCyber Law,
Professional Ethics
Communication and Media Law,
Privacy Law,
Electronic Evidence 
Farheen Baig Sardar BaigLaw of Torts,          
Employment Law 
Halyani HassanCompany Law, Business Law Corporate Governance,
Partnership Law
Juriah Abd JalilCivil Procedure Law,
Media and Information Technology Law 
Civil Litigation, Civil Trial Advocacy,
Online Theft of Trade Secret and Cyber Espionage
Khairil Azmin MokhtarConstitutional Law,
Human Rights
Comparative Constitutional Law,
Malay Rulers and Islamic Institutions in the Constitution,
International Human Rights
Majdah ZawawiIslamic Criminal Law,
Bioethics and Law 
Reproductive Responsibilities & Rights,
Islamic law and Bioethics,
Muslim Friendly Hospitality Services Law
Maizatun MustafaEnvironmental Law, Climate Change LawNatural Resources Conservation Law,
International Environmental Law
Mohamad Asmadi AbdullahIslamic JurisprudenceIslamic Law of Succession (Faraid),
Islamic Law of Transactions,
Islamic Administration of Estates
Mohammad Tahir Sabit Haji MohammadProperty Law,           Waqf Finance and DevelopmentIslamic Jurisprudence,
Waqf and Estates Distribution Law,
Land Development and Administration
Mohd Hisham Mohd KamalIslamic International Law,  Administration of Islamic Law of Malaysia
Islamic Humanitarian Law,
Criminality of Apostasy (Human Rights)
Mohd Yazid Zul KepliFintech,
Counter Terrorism Law
Banking Law,
Anti Money Laundering Law,
International Humanitarian Law
Mohsin HingunLaw of Trust,
International Trade and Shipping Law 
Investment Trust, Capital Market Law,
Business and Corporate Taxation
Muhammad Abdurrahman SadiquePartnerships and Joint Ventures in Islamic Law, Islamic Commercial Law Joint Investment and Financing in Islamic Law,
Waqf and Waqf Financing,
Sale and Loan Contracts
Muhammad LaebaIslamic Law of Transactions,
Islamic Criminal Law
Takaful Insurance,
Halal products,
Nasimah HussinIslamic Criminal Justice
Islamic Jurisprudence
Islamic Criminal Law,
Restorative Justice
Noraini Md HashimFamily Law Marriage and Divorce,
Cross Border Marriage,
Women and Children
Nor Asiah MohamadLand Law, Equity,
Wakaf Law
Strata Law,
Waqf Properties and Development
Noriah RamliHalal Management, Shariah Compliant Hospitality ServicesHalal Governance,
Muslim Friendly Hospitality Auditing,
Halal Tourism
Norliah IbrahimFamily Law,
Islamic Law of Evidence
Matrimonial Property Law,
Law and Gender
Normi Abdul MalekFamily Law Law on Hadhanah,
Post Marriage Course,
Law of Custody
Ramizah Wan MuhammadAdministration of Islamic Justice, Muslim MinorityIslamic Criminal Law,
Islamic Medical Law,
Islamic Jurisprudence
Roslina Che Soh @ Yusoff Family Law Marriage & Divorce Law,
Children’s Rights,
Woman & Gender Rights
Shamrahayu Ab AzizIslamic Political System,
Constitutional Law,
Criminal Law
Human Rights,
Law Enforcement,
Evidence and Procedure.
Sonny ZulhudaCyber Law, Commercial Law,
Contract Law, Torts Law
Internet Governance,
Personal Data Protection Law,
Consumer Protection Law,
Electronic Commerce Law
Zulfakar RamleeIslamic Law of Evidence,
Law of Evidence
Islamic Criminal Law & Procedure,
Administration of Islamic Judicial System
Zuraidah Haji AliEquity & Law of Trust, 
Commercial and Consumer Law
Charity & Charitble Organisation,
Waqf Equitable Remedies,

Assistant Professors


Area of Expertise

Sub-area of Expertise
Afridah AbasLaw of Evidence,
Procedure in Syariah Court
Islamic Law of Evidence,
Islamic Family Law,
Islamic Criminal Law
Areej Torla Public International LawInternational Law of the Sea,
The Continental Shelf
Asma Akli SoualhiUsul Fiqh and Maqasid Shariah,
Arabic as a second language
Islamic Family Law,
Islamic Transactions
Azmi Hj HarunLand Acquisition & Compensation,
Corporate Law
Property Law,
Partnership Law,
Taxation Law
Ghazali JaaparSiyasah al-Shar'iyyah and Islamic Policy,
Islamic Banking and Finance
Maqasid al-Syar'iyyah and Harmonisation,
Usul al-Fiqh and Modern Application,
Islamic Legal System and Judiciary,
Takaful and Islamic Capital Market,
Digital Islamic Fintech and Business,
Halal Marketplace and E-Wallet
Halima BoukerrouchaFiqh and Usul Al Fiqh Maqasid Al-ShariahIslamic Comparative Law,
Islamic Family Law (Sulh and Mediation),
Islamic Legal Maxims,
The Jurisprudence of Balances (Fiqh Al-Muwazanat),
Fiqh of Implementation (Fiqh Al-Tanzil),
Maqasidi Ijtihad
Husna FauziIslamic Constitutional Law,
Islamic Legal System
Human Rights in Islam
Ismail Mohd @ Abu HassanIslamic Law of Evidence and Procedures,
Islamic Law of Succession
Islamic Banking and Takaful,
Administration of Islamic Law,      
Estate Planning Instruments and Administration of Estates 
Khadijah Mohd NajidCompensation and Damages,
Health Policy and Law
No-fault compensation,
Obstetric and Gynaecology,
Birth-Related Injury
Mahyuddin DaudCyber Law,
Contract law
Internet Content Regulation,
Internet Governance,
Social Media Regulation
Mazlena Mohamad HussainCriminal LawMental Health Law
Md Zahidul IslamMedia and Communication Law,
Human Rights
Film Censorship Law,
Constitutional Law  
Mohamad Ismail Mohamad YunusCriminal Law,
Law of Evidence
Comparative Criminal Justice System,
Evidence in Sexual Crimes
Mohamed Ibrahim NegasiFiqh and Usul Al-Fiqh,
Islamic Finance
Islamic Criminal Law,
Waqif, Sukuk
Muhamad Hassan Bin AhmadPublic International Law,
International Trade Law,
International Human Rights Law,
Alternative Dispute Resolution         
Muhammad Amrullah Drs NasrulInheritance Law,
Commercial Law
Probate and Administration,
Equity and Trust,
Sale of Goods and Consumer Protection
Muhammad Naim OmarMuamalatLegal Text,
Legal Maxim,
Usul al-Fiqh
Nasarudin Abdul RahmanCompetition Law Company Law
Noor Shuhadawati Mohamad AminEmployment Law,
Constitutional Law
International Labour Law,
Malaysian Legal System
Nor Hafizah Mohd Badrol AfandiLegal System,
Constitutional Law
Law and Society,
Human Rights and Gender Issues
Norjihan Ab AzizCriminal MediationCriminal Process,
Restorative Justice,
Islamic Criminal Process
Nurah Sabahiah MohamedAlternative Dispute Resolution,
Civil Procedure
Private Mediation,
Court Annexed Mediation,
Default Judgment,
Interlocutory Application
Safinar binti SallehIslamic Finance Islamic LawIslamic Banking, Takaful,
Islamic Capital Market,
Fiqh Al-Muamalat,
Usul Fiqh,
Fiqh Al-Kitab and Sunnah
Shamshina Mohamad HanifaCriminal Law,
Environmental Law
Domestic Violence,
Child Law,
Law on Rape,
Marine Pollution Law
Shukriah Mohd SheriffContempt Law,
Legal System and Legal History
Legal Ethics,
The Judiciary,
The Legal Profession,
Legal Skills, Mooting Skills
Sodiq OmoolaAlternative Dispute Resolution,
E-commerce Law  
Online Dispute Resolution,
Islamic Finance Dispute Resolution Law,
Consumer Protection Law,
Comparative Law,
Quantitative Legal Research    
Suzi Fadhilah IsmailIntellectual Property Law,
Torts & Commercial Law 
Patent Law,
Plant Variety Rights, Medical Malpractice,
Law of contract
Tajul Aris Ahmad BustamiIslamic Law of Property,
Islamic Legal System
Law of Probate & Succession,
Waqf & Zakat,
Islamic Law of Banking,
Syarie Lawyers,
Conflict of Jurisdiction
Uzaimah IbrahimIslamic Law,
Islamic Finance
Fiqh al-Muamalat,
Usul al-Fiqh Asbab al-Ikhtilaf,
Islamic Banking,
Islamic Capital Market
Wan Mohd Zulhafiz Wan ZahariEnergy Law,
Corporate Law 
Oil and Gas Law,
Renewable Energy Law,
Energy Justice,
Islamic Banking and Securities
Wan Noraini Mohd SalimIslamic Law of Succession,
Administration of Estates
Law of Faraid,
Wealth Management,
Law of Probate,
Law of Will,
Law of Intestacy
Zainudin IsmailIslamic Family LawIslamic Law of Transaction,
Siyasah Shar'iyyah,
Usul Fiqh
Zati Ilham Abdul Manaf  Waqf
Dispute Resolution
Waqf Administration
Zuraini Ab Hamid  Criminal Law,
Criminal Litigation
Human Trafficking,
Child Law,
Law of Evidence

Academic Fellows

Academic Fellows (AF2)

NameArea of ExpertiseSub-area of Expertise
Abdul Rahman KamaruddinCriminal Litigation,
Legal System 
Criminal Procedure Law,
Legal Practice and Ethics,
Ibrahim IsmailConstitutional &
Administrative Law,
Criminal Law &
of Criminal Justice
Governmental Systems & Public Services,
Human Rights & Judicial Review,
Public Administration & Good Governance,
Foundations of Criminal Law,
Criminal Trials,
Shahnaz Zuriati SabriConveyancing PracticeAcquisition and Disposal of Real Estate,
Loans and Security Documentations,
Leases & Tenancies
Suzanna KamaruzzamanCivil Litigation,
Professional Legal Ethics
Civil Procedure,
Client Consultation,
The Legal Profession Act 1976,
Professional Misconduct,
Disciplinary Procedures

Academic Fellows (AF1)

NameArea of ExpertiseSub-area of Expertise
Ibrahim IsmailLitigationCriminal Litigation,
Siti Aishah AslahLaw of Probate & Succession, ConveyancingDivorce for Non-Muslim, Banking Litigation
Zainal Abidin Kamarudin, Dato'Criminal Law,
Civil Law
Criminal Procedure,
Civil Negligence,
Civil Applications


NameArea of ExpertiseSub-area of Expertise
Siti Aliza AliasContract Law,
Law of Obligations,
Legal Skills
Unjust Enrichment/Restitution,  
Civil/Commercial Remedies,
Legal Theory,
Mooting/Legal Advocacy
Legal Method,
Legal Education

Industrial Associates

The LLB(Hons) programme at the Kulliyyah incorporates the valuable contribution from the industry in the design and delivery of the curriculum. The Kulliyyah receives continuous support from the industry including from legal practitioners who share their experience and expertise by teaching a class of our students; or by mentoring a group of our students in the simulated legal firms in their final year of LLB(Hons).

Atiqah Abdul Razak
Subject Area: Conveyancing &  Syariah

Azlinda Baroni
Subject Area: Civil Litigation & Medical Law
Datin Haryaty Ibrahim
Subject Area: Civil Litigation
Dato' Julita Ilhani Abdul Jabbar
Subject Area: Conveyancing, Mediation &  Syariah

Fatimawati Ismail
Subject Area: Estate Matters, Shariah, Civil Litigation & Conveyancing

Fawza Sabila Faudzi
Subject Area: Corporate Banking Litigation
Majdah Muda
Subject Area: Professional Ethics & Syariah and Civil Comparative Litigation

Nor Athirah Khairol Anuar
Subject Area: Intellectual Property
Nurul Fadzilah Kamaluddin
Subject Area: Conveyancing, Estate, Shariah Matters & Civil Litigation
Rozen Bee Sharif Abdul Kadir Shariff
Subject Area: Conveyancing Practice
Syafiqah Abdul Razak
Subject Area: Syariah &  Civil Litigation
Tuan Nur Hanis Tuan Ibrahim
Subject Area: Civil Litigation
Yazereena Mohamed Yusof
Subject Area: Conveyancing &  Civil Litigation
Yusfarizal Yussoff
Subject Area: Civil Litigation