Payment Instruction

Payment Instruction

The University provides several ways to pay tuition and other charges.

1) Payment at Bank Muamalat Branch Counter

Bank Muamalat

Step 1 - Payment can be made at any BMMB branch counter click for branches location
Step 2 - Fill in the Bank Slip form
Step 3 - Payment to "UIAM STUDENT ACCOUNT"
Step 4 - Fillup important information refer to Bank slip example
Step 5 - Submit slips and payments at the Bank counter
Step 6 - Make sure the printed information same as the information given.
Step 7 - Keep the copy of "Bank Slip" as proof of payment.
Step 6 - Successful transaction will be updated in the next working days.

Auto-Teller (ATM) and Cash Deposit Machine (CDM) is not recommended

2) Payment via JomPAY ( Local Internet Banking)

A) JomPAY Biller Code for Tuition and Hostel Fees (Gombak, Kuantan & Pagoh Student)

B) JomPAY Biller Code for Compound (Gombak, Kuantan & Pagoh Student)

!!! Important !!!

When you make a JomPAY payment before 17:00 on a Banking Business Day, the Biller will receive payment on the same day
If you make a JomPAY payment after 17:00, the Biller will receive payment on the next Banking Business Day.
If you make a payment on a non-Banking day, such as on a weekend or a public holiday, the Biller will receive payment on the next Banking Business Day.

FAQ for JomPAYay |

3) Payment via Flywire ( International Currency )

Step 1 - Go to the Flywire website
Step 2 - Enter your country and payment amount
Step 3 - Select your payment method
Step 4 - Enter the payer's information
Step 5 - Enter the payment information
Step 6 - Review and confirm your information
Step 7 - For bank transfer payments: Review your payment instructions and make your payment
Step 8 - For credit card payments: Enter your card details
Step 9 - For online method: Log in with your credentials to the selected online method

FAQ for Flywire

3) Payment via E-payment ( FPX Payment Only )


Step 1 - Go to the E-payment website
Step 2 - Select E- Fee
Step 3 - Fillup all information
Step 4 - Choose Payment
Step 5 - Complete the process
Step 6 - you will receive a receipt
Step 7 - Successful transaction will be updated in the next working days

4) Payment via KWSP ( e-Withdrawal )

e-pengeluaran kwsp

Six (6) Easy Steps using e-Withdrawal

Step 1 - Register/Login to i-Akaun via EPF official website.
Step 2 - Select the 'Withdrawals' tab.
Step 3: Click "New Application" to start an application transaction.
Step 4 - Transaction Authorization Code (TAC) Verification required for verification of member identity.
Tips: Ensure you have registered/updated your TAC mobile phone number at the EPF counter/kiosk.
Step 5- The application is approved online if the member meets the e-Withdrawal requirements.
If not, members will receive an SMS / Message in the i-Akaun (Member) inbox to visit the EPF office to obtain identification.
Step 6- Check the member's Savings / Current account or e-Withdrawal of the Partner's bank account (if any) to credit the payment. (example of the successful transaction)

FAQ at EPF e-Withdrawal (Website) | FAQ about e-Withdrawal (Education)

5) Payment via Telegraphic Transfer and 3rd Party Transfer

Payee name: Finance Director, International Islamic University Malaysia

Bank name: Bank Muamalat Malaysia Berhad,UIAM Branch, Jalan Gombak, Kuala Lumpur
Account no.: 1407-0000005-71-9

**Your Matric Number and Passport/Ic number is important in the remarks