IIUM Tuition Fees Through JomPAY

IIUM Tuition Fees Through JomPAY

With JomPAY you can pay your IIUM TUITION FEES through Internet or Mobile Banking service of participating Banks in Malaysia using funds from your

1.Saving Accounts

2.Current Accounts

3.Credit Cards

Using the JomPAY mode of Payment, Student must:

a) Choose correct biller code number

b) Specify your own matric number at Ref-1

c) Specify the I/C number or Number at Ref-2

    *you may refer to your student financial statement at URL

A) JomPAY Biller Code for Tuition and Hostel Fees (Gombak, Kuantan & Pagoh Student)

B) JomPAY Biller Code for Compound (Gombak, Kuantan & Pagoh Student)

C) JomPAY Biller Code for CFS / Matriculation Student

D) JomPAY Biller Code for IIUM Academy Student