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Centre for Islamic Economics

Level 1, Kulliyyah of Economics and Management Sciences (KENMS),

International Islamic University Malaysia,

P.O.Box 10, 50728, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


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The establishment of Kulliyyah of Economics and Management Sciences (KENMS), together with the inception of IIUM in May 1983. Indicated the belief and commitment of the founders of the IIUM that economics, business studies and accounting are important ingredients in the development efforts of Malaysia and the ummah. More importantly, there was a realization that qualified professional who is also imbued with ethical values, hence enabling holistic development that covered the physical, intellectual, and spiritual dimensions are central to sustainable development. The Malaysian government since the 1980s has also focused on the importance of balanced development and has given great emphasis on human capital as the basis of national development.

The IIUM and particular the KENMS had from its inception, embraced this commitment to the integration of knowledge and assisting to create human capital in the form of educated individuals who would better serve the nation, ummah and humanity.

Over the last 30 years, the KENMS has played a pivotal role, primarily in the teaching of economics, business studies, management, and accounting in line with the vision and mission of the IIUM. Starting with undergraduate programmes, the KENMS has now a full range of graduate and postgraduate programmes catering for the needs of both the private and public sector, within the country and internationally. While research, training and consultancy activities have been part of the KENMS agenda. In July 2007, an Islamic Economics Unit was set-up with a coordinator and a working committee that has acted as a ‘pro-tem committee’ for the establishment of this proposed centre.


In line with the research goals of the IIUM and to meet the increased demand for expertise in research, training and consultancy in areas of economics and its related areas as well as economic and development related policy studies, there is a need to establish a dedicated, formal entity that can meet this demand, both at the national and international level.

The KENMS as a whole and the four Department of Economics, Business Administration, Accounting and Finance are already devoted to teaching at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. In addition, to be constrained by administrative function related to teaching. The establishment of the proposed centre will serve as a more effective link to take up research, training and consultancy activities, hence expanding the contribution of the KENMS to a wider audience in one of the designated niche areas of the IIUM, i.e. Islamic economics and related areas. Furthermore, the Centre will assist the nation produce and train professionals and support research and consultancy that attempts to integrate ethics and economics based on the vision and mission of the IIUM.



To be the leading international centre for research in Islamic Economics and policy studies.


To conduct research, training, and consultancy programmes to enhance the development of Islamic economics, business studies, accounting, and policy studies as a viable alternative to the ummah and humanity in line with the vision and mission of the IIUM.