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Counseling Related Programme

Emotional well-being is a sense which is positive and able to help a person functioning well in their daily life. Maintaining and caring for emotional well-being is important because it helps an individual in coping with the problems as well as adjusting with changes that may occur in their life. This program intends to guide and help the students so that they have a healthy emotional and mental state.


  1. To create awareness among the students on the importance of mental and emotional well-being.
  2. To help the students to identify appropriate self-defense mechanism and coping skills.
  3. To guide the students in handling emotional and psychological challenges that they may experience. 

This program takes the concept of Self-Development Program and Self-Enhancement Program, which focuses on the overall development of IIUM Community.


  1. To educate students on optimism, positivity, and self-compassion.
  2. To educate students on the importance of self-care

Life as a student is challenging because it may involves few changes that is not easy to cope. Some of new student may feel lonely in this situation. Therefore, it is important for them to received guidelines and proper understanding on how to cope with changes that they may experience once they enroll to this university.


  1. To guide new student to cope with adjustment issues that they may experience.
  2. To provide social support to new student who feel lonely and lost.
  3. To guide students on effective communication and social interaction skills.
  4. To educate students on effective stress management.
  5. To guide students on their career development and planning.

Let's Talk Programme is a re-branding name for peptalk series programme. This re-branding name is chosen in conjuration with a national Let's Talk Malaysia Campaign introduced by Ministry of Health as a part of the initiatives to reduce the stigma on Mental Health in Malaysia. In lined with the role of Residential Counseling Unit, we would be glad to adapt this program to instill more positive support system at mahallat especially Mahallah Asiah and Mahallah Salahuddin. This programme will encourage the students to share their concerns and personal issues in a safe place.


  1. To encourage students to express themselves without fear of negative remarks.
  2. To practice positive response to each issues shared by the participant.
  3. To make known of the available support system at mahallah.

Welcoming New Students is an initiative from Residential Counseling Unit to assist the centre in distributing Depression, Anxiety, and Stress Scale (DASS 21) to new students at each mahallah. The mechanism of distribution is by requesting a slot during My Mahallah My Second Home program at mahallat. The DASS 21 then will be distributed after the briefing given by appointed counselor for the respective slot.


  1. To give awareness of mental health and services rendered by CCSC.
  2. To distribute and administered DASS 21 test.
  3. To make known of the available support system at mahallah.

Ministry of Health, Malaysia has announced that based on research conducted in 2015, 30 percent of Malaysia population or 4.2 million citizens aged 16 years old and above have experienced issues related to mental health. This is also means that one third of Malaysia population is exposed to mental health issues. The revealing information has came to shock many parties including mental health practitioners and society in general. Thus, there is a need for this issues to be highlighted.

Therefore, Mental Health Advocator Workshop for SRC and MRC is important to empower the role of student leaders as trained mental health advocators in IIUM.


  1. To equip the participants with necessity skills involved when dealing with mental health issues.
  2. To educate the participants on the importance of zero stigma society.
  3. To empower the role of CCSC in IIUM community.
  4. To strengthen the strategic relationship between CCSC and student bodies. 

Mental illness is a disorder that affect cognitive functioning of human being and may cause changes to the individual process of thinking and behaving. People from any generation may get affected including the children. It becoming worst when the affected person started to have suicidal ideation, intention, and attempt. They also tend to do self-harm as the method of coping. The awareness about mental health among the society in Malaysia still need to be improved. Not so many of us have the proper understanding regarding it. The sad truth is the stigma and labeling still exists among the society towards to those who suffering mental illness. However, it is unfair for us to put the blame on the society for being judgmental and stigmatized people who suffered from mental illness. Therefore it is very important for mental health practitioner and educator to take action in creating and inculcating the awareness among the society too so that we can have physically and mentally healthy community.

In line with the concern discussed above, IIUM Peers which is under the advisory of Clinical Counseling Unit of Counseling and Career Services Centre are organizing Mental Health Month Programme which consists of several activities such as virtual campaign on Mental Health, Mental Health Forum, Seminar, Mind and Body Fit Programme, and various related competitions. 


  1. To create awareness among IIUM students related to mental health.
  2. To provide proper knowledge and input to IIUM students regarding mental health related issues including suicide and self-harm behavior.
  3. To outreach IIUM students to utilized the services provided by Counseling and Career Services Centre.
  4. To allow the support group members to contribute to the center as the committees of the programme.
  5. To expose the support group members on how to organized psychology and counseling related programme.