Counselling & Career Services Unit

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Counselling & Career Services Unit


The Counselling & Career Unit (CCSU), Office of the Deputy Dean, Student Development & Community Engagement (SDCE) started functioning formally since the establishment of the Matriculation Centre, International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) in July 1985.  In year 2008 the Matriculation Centre has been re-named as the Centre for Foundation Studies (CFS).

Living in the CFS campus can be a very challenging environment for students who have just leaving their secondary schools. Hence, our major goal is to provide psychological service to the students to help them grow and develop in accordance with the Islamic orientation.  If students are   depressed,   overwhelmed, angry, unfulfilled, inadequate, unmotivated, frustrated, lack of direction and so on, they definitely need to get help from our unit.

At CCSU, the psychology officers will help students in finding ways of overcoming their emotional and psychological difficulties. This is to enable students to exercise self-determination, explore their potential and able to contribute positively to the society.

CCSU Main Objectives

i.          To provide excellent and efficient counselling services to the students

ii.         To explore students potential in academic and self-development

iii.        To increase career awareness among students

iv.        To provide better understanding of counselling among students

CCSU Programmes

The Counselling & Career Services Unit (CCSU) gives focus on the following programmes:     

  • Career Guidance
  • Self-Development
  • Study Skills
  • CFS Peers Training
  • Academic Enhancement and Personality Growth
  • Mental health and student emotional wellbeing
  • Motivation and community services

CCSU Services

  • Counselling Session – voluntary or referred
  • Psychological Assessment – personality test & career test
  • Guidance and Consultation - individual or group
  • Career Advising


Areas of counselling, guidance and consultation services include the following:

  • Anxiety (general anxiety).
  • Home and family
  • Depression, grief, suicidal thoughts.
  • Academic Adjustment
  • Developmental issues
  • Self-esteem, identity and assertiveness
  • Social psychological Relationship
  • Stress management and etc.
  • Personal/Emotional Relationship
  • Career Guidance / Career Test


The length of session for initial interview i.e., to gather detailed assessment information usually lasts for about 30 minutes. The remaining follow up counselling sessions usually lasts for about 30 - 45 minutes per session.

The guidance and consultation services with students cover on matters pertaining to daily life at CFS especially on psychological aspect of individuals or groups. For any matters pertaining to academic issues, students must seek advice, guidance and consultation from the respective academic departments at CFS.


How to Get the Counselling Session Service? 

There are generally two types of clients who come to the CCSU office; i.e. referred clients and walk-in clients. Hence, the counselling sessions conducted by psychology officer with clients at the CCSU office can be divided into two types as the following ;


i.          Referred Counselling Session


The referred clients are CFS’s students who are referred by lecturer, head of department, fellow of mahallah, principal of mahallah, parents and etc..


The referral bodies must fill up referral form issued by the unit if they want to refer students to psychology officer. Upon receiving the referral form, the unit will issue a memo to the students to remind about the counselling session.


Psychology officer will conduct counselling session/s with the referred clients. A letter will be sent to the referral bodies to inform about the referred client’s condition if necessary.


ii.         Voluntary Counselling Session


The walk-in clients are students who voluntarily come to the CCSU for counselling session. Walk-in clients are required to fill up the appointment form at the counter.


If the psychology officer is available, they will be attended immediately. If the psychology officer is not available, an appointment date and time will be given to clients. Clients can choose the psychology officer that they want to meet.



The Psychology Officers


Mdm. Asniza binti Mamat

Senior Psychology Officer - S44

B.HSc. Psychology (Hons.)  IIUM. 

Phone : 09-5704332

E-mail : asniza@iium.edu.my              


Br. Hairunnaja bin Hj. Najmuddin

Senior Psychology Officer - S44

M.Sc (Guidance & Counselling) UPM, B. Usuluddin (Hons) UM,

B.Soc.Sc Psychology (Hons) UKM, Dip. Ed. (Islamic Education),

MPI, Dip. Islamic Guidance & Counseling, IPI.             

Phone : 09-5704331

E-mail : hairunnaja@iium.edu.my


Sr. Nurul Asma Binti Abdul Basir

Admin. Assistant (C/O) – N19

Tel: 09-5183464

Email: asma_basir@iium.edu.my


Operating Hours

Monday – Friday 8.00 a.m.- 5.00 p.m.

Rest Hours

Monday – Thursday 1.00 p.m. – 2.00 p.m.
Friday 12.15 p.m – 2.45 p.m.