Programme: Academic Support

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Academic Support Refers to:


Peer tutoring is a popular and cost-efficient educational intervention, in which selected students provide tutorial for other students to enhance each skills and knowledge. Peer tutoring is a collaborative learning, where students can improve their academic performance when they get help from their respective peer tutors. Plus, tutors can also learn from the students that they helped and also from the tutorial activity itself. In SLEU, we appoint qualified tutors with very good academic performance at minimum A- for the tutored subject. In addition, interviews will be conducted to ensure that only qualified students can be the tutors. Students who are interested to be a tutor and fulfilled the required criteria are strongly encouraged to apply. This programme is conducted every semester and so far it has received good feedbacks from tutors and students.


SLEU has been organizing foreign language classes with an affordable fee for IIUM students. The programme is to encourage the IIUM students to learn and to acquire competency in more than two languages. This programme is also designed to help the students to enhance their writing and speaking skills. At present, there are five language classes those are Bahasa Melayu, English Language, Arabic Language, French Communication and also Mandarin Communication.