Message from Head of SMART

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Our office has been renamed from Student Learning Enhancement Unit (SLEU) to Student Smart Learning and Research Training Unit (SMART) effective from January 2017. With the new name, apart from normal workshops series, we have expanded our service by collaborating with Centre for Postgraduate Studies (CPS) for workshop packages to enrich the post-graduate students’ research skills and enhance the ability to manage their research works. This package enable SMART to encourage more participants among IIUM and non-IIUM students as well as academic staff as the workshops are conducted on weekends. In maintaining SMART dynamic learning culture we had focus-group discussions with representatives from kulliyyah-based student societies to identify the academic and academic-support programs that the students need. This enables us get feed backs about the kind of supports that they want and provide appropriate help in forms of tuition classes. Other than that several language classes are also offered for students. It is important to note that SMART programs and activities are designed and conducted to improve capability of students in learning and appreciate their learning experiences while studying at IIUM. To all students, we appreciate your participations, both as participants as well as peer tutors and trainers at our workshops.