Payroll Notification

Payroll Notification

Date : 23 January 2015

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Dearest all staff

1)    Reminder on payroll schedule for the month of February 2015

Kindly take note that the next payroll date is on 12th February 2015 (ie early release of payroll due to Chinese New Year celebration).

Therefore, as per earlier announced dates of payroll activities for the year 2015, please be reminded to submit all your claims or notice of salary changes to the Remuneration Unit, MSD at the latest by 28th January 2015 to ensure paymentscould be made on the 12th Feb 2015 accordingly.

2)    Payment of Academic Administrators Allowance

We wish to inform that payment of the Academic Administrators for new appointment / extension of appointment  for the 2015 session shall be released on 12th February 2015.

3)    Income Tax Monthly Deduction Schedule 2015

We wish to inform that we have updated the HURIS system with the new Monthly Income Tax Deduction Schedule Year 2015.

As such, there will be some changes to your PCB deduction and net income received even though the total taxable income hasn’t changed from the last month’s salary.

The following information may affect your monthly income tax deduction amount :

1)    Nationality status eg Malaysian, Permanent Resident or other than Malaysian

2)    Marital status

3)    Number of children information

4)    Number of children pursuing studies at higher learning institution

5)    Information of child with disability status

As such, kindly scan and email your new IC , child birth certificate , marriage certificate , proof of disability of your child  or proof of your children are pursuing studies at higher learning institution should you wish these information to be updated and your tax to be auto adjusted by the system accordingly.  Please email the documents to

4)    New Retirement Fund (NRF) for permanent staff of IIUM

With effect from 1st January 2015, we have activated the system to pay the New Retirement Fund (NRF) at the rate of 5.8% or 6.8% to all permanent staff of IIUM staff. Therefore, the total EPF Employer rate shall become 18.8%.  The EPF Employee rate remain at 11%.

5)    EA form for the year 2014 for tax declaration purposes

Please be informed that the EA Form for the year 2014 shall be published in HURIS on the 1st February 2015.

Please check your respective EA form when it is published and kindly email to should there be any queries pertaining to it.

We have provided your payslip and your yearly income statement for your reference.

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Thank you.  Syukran Jaziilan. Jazakallahukhairan kasiiran.