Frequently Asked Questions

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    • Do I have to register with IIUM if I am interested to participate in supplying goods & services at IIUM?
All interested suppliers have to register with IIUM before they can participate in any purchasing activities in IIUM.

    • How do I register as a supplier to IIUM?
Download the registration form from IIUM website. Fill in the forms and attach the required documents. No fee is charged for applying to register as IIUM supplier. The registration is valid for 3 years. You will be given a certificate and a specific supplier registration number to enable you to participate in IIUM purchasing activities.

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 What is the process for getting a housing / vehicle financing from IIUM?
Due to IIUM funds constraints, staff is required to apply financing from financial institutions which offer Islamic financing packages. Once the financing is approved by the bank, staff must apply to IIUM for the financing subsidy where IIUM will pay the difference of profit rate; thereby staff would still enjoy the 4% rate as currently enjoyed by government servants. However, the subsidy approved by IIUM will be subjected to your eligibility.

  • How can I donate to International Islamic University Malaysia?
IIUM welcome all donations. If you would like to make cash donations, please follow this guideline:
  •Make cheque/bank draft payable to: ‘ International Islamic University Malaysia'
  •Please indicate in a letter/memo the designated allocation of the donation, for example – IIUM Endowment Fund or Alumni Trust Fund
  •All cash donations will receive a tax-exempted receipts.


    •Where can I find the fees structure for my programme?
Students can find the fees structure at the Finance Division Notice Board as well as from the website, .Click on the left menu 'Student Matters'

    •Where can I check how much I need to pay? Where can I get my financial statement?
Students can come to the Student Unit counter and print their statement of accounts OR can print from the website, via the Student Portal at

    •Is there any minimum payment I can make for my fees?
Students are required to pay a minimum of 1 semester fee in order to avoid any block.

    •I have made the semester fee payment but I still cannot access my result/registration?
You may still be block because of the following: i. Outstanding compound. You are required to settle your compound. If students are being blocked by the computer, please take note of the notice that pops up. Anything relating to financial matters will have notices to refer to Finance Division.

    •I have yet to receive my scholarship money. I have contacted sponsor and they said the money has already been sent.
In order for Finance Division to make payment, we require the money to arrive with the list of names of students to paid too. We can only proceed once we have both. In the event your sponsors admitted to send the money, please do also ask the following details: 1. Have the list of students also been sent. 2. The cheque number for the payment sent to the university and the voucher number.

Please do take note that the processing of payment by sponsors involve many division and not necessarily the unit that student contacted. That is why it is important for students to ask the above 2 questions.

    •Why is it the amount deducted from me is not the same as my friend? We are both studying the same programme.
There are several reasons for the difference of deduction made such as:
a. Student has previous outstanding.
b. Student has received loan from University in previous semester.
c. Student is staying in different hostel room.
d. Student has been compounded.
The above are only part of the reason for the difference. We encourage students to query for the deduction made.

    •I am a PTPTN loan student in my first semester of study. Will the amount of PTPTN money I will be receiving has been deducted of the semester fees?
For PTPTN loan students in their first semester of study, PTPTN will be paying the full amount without any fees deduction. These students are required to pay the semester fees. The deduction will only be made once they are in their second semester.