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Campus Bazaar (Push Carts)

A Business kiosk or pushcart is placed in common area of public concourse with high-traffic areas and prime locations for business purpose and provide information and promotion on societies for education purposes.  In today's fast paced, self-service world, the use of pushcarts has become increasingly popular.  There are basically two types of pushcarts; 3-month basis and daily basis which set up to sell cloth, apparels, multi-typed and promotion on societies for both types of pushcarts.  There are several advantages associated with selling through pushcarts.  Among others are lower overhead expenses and easy maintenance.

IIUM under the purview of Residential and Services Department (RSD) has 25 pushcarts which located at various places as followings:

The business duration for the campus bazaar is 3 months. The applicant has to submit the application form to RSD one month before end of contract. The selection of the applicants is made in the meeting which is conducted 4 times annually. Public rental rate is RM848.00 (including GST) and student rental rate is RM150.00 (GST is not to be imposed to the student).  

  • The applicant has to submit the application form to Residential and Services Department
  • If the applicant is a student, he has to get the approval from the Deputy Dean of Student Affairs of his department.
  • The applicant has to pay the rental upon starting the business (public rental rate is RM60.00 and student rental rate is RM30.00 per day). 

Promotion Booth (Daily Basis)


Application form is available at Residential and Services Department, Level 3, International Islamic University.  The form is sold to public at RM5.00 and free of charge for student.

For inquiry do not hesitate to call Br. Izzat at 03-6421 4000 ext. 2331 or Farizatul Azna ext 4787.