In the name of God, the Most beneficent the Most merciful

Welcome to Kulliyyah of Science, where are committed to academic excellence and focused on research. The faculty is committed to produce graduates with deep theoretical knowledge in science and highly developed practical skills, whom employers would be eager to recruit by combining quality teaching with high impact research. Our curriculum employs a range of teaching methods that are not only ensure efficient and effective teaching and learning, but also foster a capacity for independent learning.

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Professorial lecture by Prof. Dr. Muhammad Nor Omar on 14th May 2018

  Series of laboratory practices in natural products research 2018 (SOLPINAR) 

   International conference of analytical sciences 2018 (SKEM13)

Our researchers in the spotlight

Dr. Naim
Fungi found in Mediterranean and North Sea sponges: how specific are they?
Dr. Jesni

Optimal Device Independent Quantum Key Distribution

Noor Hafizah

Observation of Gravitational Waves from a Binary Black Hole Merger

Dr. Zakuan

Toward Financially Viable Phytoextraction and Production of Plant-Based Palladium Catalysts

Dr. Hidayah
Genetic improvement of tomato by targeted control of fruit softening
Dr. Adli
Measurement and QCD analysis of double-differential inclusive jet ...