Community Medicine

Community Medicine

Comm Med 


The department offers the following consultations:

• Research Consultation Clinic (RCC)
Link - http://www.iiumedic.net/commed... 
• Online Research Review
Link - http://www.iiumedic.net/commed...
• Biostatistics Workshop
• Occupational health screening (TBA) 
• Public health talks
• Community health programme

Department Events

Research Methodology & Biostatistics Workshop

10-11/4/2017        Biostatistics Workshop No.1/2017

7-8/11/2016          Biostatistics Workshop No.2/2016

1-2/3/2016            Biostatistics Workshop No.1/2016

12-13/10/2015       Biostatistics Workshop No.2/2015

17-18/3/2015         Biostatistics Workshop No.1/2015

17-18/11/2014       Biostatistics Course 2014

09-11/9/2014         Health System Research Workshop (Collaboration with JKNP)

13-14/5/2013         Basic Biostatistics Workshop 2013

28-31/10/2013       Research Methodology & Biostatistics Workshop (Collaboration with Office of Deputy Dean Postgraduate & Research, KOM)

24-25/4/2012         Basic Biostatistics Workshop 2012

19-21/7/2011         Clinical Research Methodology and Biostatistics Workshop 2011

Mini Research Symposium

1/8/2016      Mini Research Symposium 2016

6/8/2015      Community Medicine Research Seminar 2015

Main Organizer for Kulliyyah of Medicine Ibadah Camp 2016

16-17 June 2016      Kulliyyah of Medicine Ibadah Camp 2016

Research Methodology Seminar for Supervisors

07/1/2015    Research Methodology Seminar for Supervisors (Session 1)

14/1/2015    Research Methodology Seminar for Supervisors (Session 2)

21/1/2015    Research Methodology Seminar for Supervisors (Session 3)

28/1/2015    Research Methodology Seminar for Supervisors (Session 4)

04/2/2015    Research Methodology Seminar for Supervisors (Session 5)

11/2/2015    Research Methodology Seminar for Supervisors (Session 6)

18/2/2015    Research Methodology Seminar for Supervisors (Session 7)

We offer the following courses:

MED 1407: Introduction to Public Health

This course is offered to all MBBS Year 1 students in the last block(block 4) in Phase 1. The main objective is to introduce public health medicine to medical students. The main components of this course are Epidemiology and Biostatistics. Students are also introduced to Family Health, Nutritional Health, Demography, Occupational Health and Environmental Health. The modes of instruction include lecture, practical and mini research projects. Students will be assigned in small groups and will have to design and execute one small research. Students are expected to present their findings in the last week of their posting.

MED 4106: Public Health

This is a continuation from MED1407. Basic knowledge gathered in Year 1 will be further  enhanced here. They will also visit health facilities in the Ministry of Health. Similar to year 1, student will need to conduct a population based research in the designated community.
We also collaborate with other departments and kulliyyahs in giving the following input:
 Kulliyyah of Medicine, IIUM
• Epidemiology of Food Borne Disease – Year 2
• Epidemiology of Obesity – Year 2
• Epidemiology & Statistics – Year 2
• The Importance of Social History – Year 3
 Kulliyyah of Science, IIUM
• Industrial Hygiene – Year 4
• Occupational Health – Year 3
We also helps teaching postgraduate programmes:
• Biostatistics (STA 6112 & STA  7112)
• Research Methodology (MET 6112 & MET 7112)
• Critical Thinking and Investigation of Disease Outbreak