IIUM Dikir Barat Sutra Pawana

IIUM Dikir Barat Sutra Pawana

Official Fan Page for IIUM Sutra Pawana Dikir Barat Club. For informations on wedding performance & other performance booking detail, please contact here.

Sutra Pawana was established in 2005 formerly known as Naga Bora. 

This club strives to put dikir barat as the same level as other cultural performances. Sutra Pawana actively operates in and outside IIUM, especially in Klang Valley and always being invited to do performances in various occasions and events such as wedding occasions, government events, and others.

Among the presidents of Sutra Pawana are:

1. Baharuddin Mohamad - 2004
2. Wan Muhammad Nasri - 2005
3. Tengku Mohammad Faiz - 2006
4. Azua Faridi - 2007
5. Khairul Anuar - 2008
6. Mohd Faizal - 2009
7. Azwan Abdullah - 2010
8. Mohamed Helmie - 2011
9. Nik Irwan - 2012
10. Aminuddin - 2013
11. Tarmizi Shatri - 2014
12. Badrul Md Daud - 2015
13. Salman Farez - 2016

-1st place Benci Dadah Johor Open (2006)

- Semi Final in Dikir Barat RTM Peringkat Kebangsaan (2009)

- 2nd place Karnival Semarak Syariah (2013)

- 4th place in MAKUM at UPSI (2016)

- 3rd place in Battle of Dikir (2016)

Personal Information

Dikir Barat is a musical form, native to the Malay Peninsula, that involves singing in groups—often in a competitive setting. Dikir barat may be performed either with percussion instrumental accompaniment, or with no instruments at all. The dance is partially similar in movement to Endang except that actions of hand clapping are further incorporated to produce rhythm. The origins of dikir barat are not clear; it is found in both Thailand and Malaysia, and today the Malaysian government actively promotes it as an important part of Malaysian national culture.